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While paying off current debt is critical, missing out on buying life insurance at a young age has a significant economic impact, much like delaying saving for retirement.


ACS Insurance works to provide you with the best life insurance plan coverage available based on your lifelong future goals. We know that life insurance options can be overwhelming and confusing at best. That’s why we sit down with you and discuss what options are available that fit your needs and your budget.


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Life Insurance



The sooner you purchase life […]

Improving Healthcare Price and Quality Transparency

New Executive Order from The Trump Administration
The Trump Administration has issued a new Executive Order that requires the Departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services to issue new guidance and proposed regulations that disclose negotiated rates, cost-of-care, and de-identified federal healthcare data. The Executive Order also seeks to expand the availability of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

This order does not implement any new federal policies at this point but simply gives specific instructions to the agencies mentioned above to develop regulatory guidance.

Some of the provisions contained in the Executive Order directs federal agencies to issue guidance that would:

Require hospitals […]

The myths behind why small businesses don’t offer voluntary benefits


Many small business owners are just plain unaware that they are able to offer their staff this kind of benefit, thinking they are just for the bigger players. The vast majority of smaller companies may have never had a conversation with anyone about employee benefits. All these points have led to the creation and perpetuation of a number of widely-held beliefs that are untrue.
Myth – Affordability
Small businesses believe they can’t afford to pay for voluntary benefits, even if they see the positives in offering them.
The Truth
Voluntary employee benefits can be partially-funded or even fully-funded by the employee. It means […]

Voluntary Benefits Now Essential

Voluntary Benefits Now Essential, Not Fringe
Student loan help and financial planning aid are among offerings on the upswing
Employers no longer consider voluntary benefits as simply add-ons but rather as “a way to address a host of employee needs, offer choice and allow employees to personalize their rewards,” said Lydia Jilek, director of voluntary benefits at consultancy Willis Towers Watson.
Voluntary benefits are supplemental to core health insurance and retirement savings plans and are typically employee-paid through salary-deferred contributions. They can be a cost-efficient way to provide additional coverage to employees, who can purchase these plans through their employer at a lower, […]

Strategies to help clients attract and retain top talent

Employee Benefit Adviser

Published April 25, 2019
You could say we are in a sellers’ market when it comes to talent, with job seekers now finding employers fighting to hire them.
Data from the U.S. Labor Department shows a near record low unemployment rate at 3.7%. At the same time, private sector hourly wages are up 2.8% from last year, indicating employers are upping their pay to remain competitive.

While finding the right amount and level of talent to achieve business goals is the most important business objective for 21% of employers — according to Aflac’s WorkForces Report, a survey on benefit trends — attracting […]

Advantages of Telemedicine for Your Convenience

7 Ways to Get Employees Engaged in Telemedicine

Telemedicine is having a moment in a big way, and for good reason: The ability to receive 24/7 phone- or video-based medical support offers a more affordable and flexible approach to health care — one that doesn’t require driving to and from appointments or searching ad nauseam for the right in-network provider.

Employers have caught on. In a 2018 survey, 96 percent of large employers said they planned to offer virtual medicine as part of their 2019 health benefits packages. But for all the enthusiasm of business leaders, employees themselves are slow to join the […]

Association health plans expanded under Trump look promising so far

PowerPost by Paige Winfield Cunningham

crop of new health insurance plans enabled under regulations from the Trump administration appears more consumer-friendly and less like “junk” insurance than Democrats originally charged.

Chambers of commerce and trade associations have launched more than two dozen of these “association health plans” in 13 states in the seven months since the Labor Department finalized new rules making it easier for small businesses to band together to buy health coverage in the same way large employers do. And there are initial signs the plans are offering generous benefits and premiums lower than can be found in the Obamacare marketplaces.

President […]

Association health plans gain foothold with Nevada members

By Associated Press
Monday, Dec. 3, 2018
RENO — With members struggling to meet health insurance costs, some Nevada business and trade groups have begun offering discounted policies as one big bloc through a product known as an association health plan.

The Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce and five other Nevada associations have begun offering similar health plans to members, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

Others are the Las Vegas Metro and Henderson chambers, the Nevada Contractors and Nevada Builders Alliance associations, and the Builders Association of Northern Nevada.

Reno-Sparks chamber CEO Ann Silver called the option a game-changer for small businesses competing to attract and […]