Long Term Care

Long Term Care includes a wide range of medical, social, personal, supportive and specialized housing services required by people who have or will lose some or all of their capacity for self-care because of a disabling condition or chronic condition.

Are you prepared in the event this happens to you?

Did you know a Long Term Care (LTC) policy is not life insurance or disability Insurance? Did you know it is not ordinarily health insurance? These kinds of plans do not pay for LTC expenses nor, does Medicare or Medicare supplement plans. Since we are living longer and we only have so much saved for retirement isn’t time to learn more?

ACS Business Insurance Services, Inc. can help you understand your options and the types of insurance plans that are available in today’s market place. It can be a real challenge to understand what Long Term Care covers and what it does not cover. We can help.

Don’t delay as we never know when we will have a need for long term care. Keep in mind it does not only effect the elderly.

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Long Term Care Insurance typically covers the cost of the following:

  • Help in the home with personal activities like bathing, dressing, eating and other activities.
  • Homemaker assistance services, such as cleaning and paying bills.
  • Visiting nurses.
  • Skilled nursing care.
  • Community programs, such as adult day care.
  • Assisted living services, typically including meals, health monitoring, and help with daily activities that are provided in special residential setting other than at home.

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