More Small Businesses Considering Providing Employee Coverage In Nevada’s Uncertain Insurance Market.

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly (8/14, Sabo) reports that the Trump Administration’s efforts “to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act,” combined with the decisions of Anthem and Prominence Health Plan to withdraw from offering individual coverage, have unsettled Nevada’s insurance markets. The article says “as individual plans dry up and rates spike,” more small businesses are inquiring about providing healthcare coverage for employees, with one benefit solutions consultant saying, “Employer plans are the only place they can get decent rates and access.” The consultant also indicated that “the National Association of Health Underwriters is working daily to help the current administration in Washington draft legislation that would stabilize the volatile health insurance marketplace.” The article quotes NAHU Chief Executive Officer Janet Trautwein as saying in a March press release, “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with members of Congress and the administration on the implementation of health care reforms that reduce cost and encourage competition.”