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Monthly Newsletter – January 2014

It’s that time of year again where everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s interesting to note that the majority of New Year’s resolutions have to do with health and money.  It’s not a coincidence that both of those are loosely (and sometimes tightly tied together).

I thought that I would visit some of the monthly nationally recognized holidays since I haven’t done that in awhile.

January is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (that is if you live in an area with snow).

Prior to hitting the slopes, make sure that you have your medical insurance in place.  If you are learning to ski or snowboard without snow then I would advise having your life insurance in place as well.

I guess if you don’t live in an area with snow, it would be National Learn to Surf and Consume Fruity Drinks Month.

Now, if skiing or snowboarding is a bit too risky for your blood (or your deductible) then it’s also World Hypnotism Day, which you could partake in prior to hitting the slopes and probably ski like an Olympian.   You might not remember that triple axel jump, but at least someone would have a great video to show of you on YouTube (or to give to the ski patrol when you’re stuck in that tree).

World Hypnotism Day might also be good for those whose behavior on New Year’s might be questionable – would be a good excuse, anyway.

It’s not a coincidence that ACS Insurance can help you with your health and life insurance…just not the hypnotism part.

This month’s winner is George Higgins.  George is a client of ACS Insurance and just recently added additional products to his portfolio.

You can be entered into our drawing as well; all you need to do is refer someone to our agency, call for a quote, or “like” us on Facebook. (I could keep repeating this, but I don’t think hypnotism works via email).

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

It’s also No Name Calling Week, which is something that evidently the NFL didn’t know about prior to last week’s games.

Monthly Newsletter – December, 2013

By now, I am sure that you know about the new health care laws which are being implemented beginning January 1, 2014.  And, I’m also sure that you have heard about the problems that some folks are having logging onto the government websites.

It would not be me unless I had a little fun with this current situation.  Since its Christmastime, we are hearing a non-ending display of Christmas songs, carols and noels.

However, since it is also the year of Health Care Reform, I thought I would share with you the most popular Obamacare songs of the 2013 season:

1)    All I want for Christmas is these Two Months Back

2)   Here Comes Obamacare,

3)   Frosty, (the Exchange Freeze IT Man)

4)   Dashing Through The Portals (a mystical song)

5)   Jolly Old Saint Xerox

6)   I saw mommy kissing her broker (who finally got her enrolled)

7)   Obamacare is Coming to Town

8)   It’s Beginning to Look a lot like 2014

9)    Blue Christmas (enough said)

10)  Silent Website

11)   Nuttin’ for Christmas

12)  Walking in a Website Wonderland

This of course is all in fun; there are good things that have come about as a result of the health care law as some folks are able to get enrolled.  If you’re having problems logging in, or have questions, give us a call, as we are licensed on and off the Exchange, and have solutions!

From ACS Insurance, we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We are very grateful to have you in our lives!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who is very grateful that you read down this far on the page! 🙂

Monthly Newsletter – November, 2013

During the past few months, and most recently the past few days, we are constantly hearing “boy, I bet it’s crazy in your world!”  I liken working in insurance to selling cars.

Let’s just say that I have a new car that is on the market, the “Obamacar.”  Now, what we know about this car is that it comes in four fun colors (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). The Obamacar can have the option of two or four doors, and you can even customize the interior (leather, vinyl, suede, or even plastic).  The problem lies in what’s under the hood.

Today, we believe it has an engine, and will be running just fine shortly.  However, we are not quite sure of the specifications of the engine.  It might have a Ferrari engine, built to go fast, might be a little expensive, but will be worth it.  Or, it might have a Yugo engine, not built to last, but less expensive, and eventually could be in the Smithsonian.

Some of the specifications are still to be determined, as well, such as:  Will it have air conditioning?  Does it even have a place for the air conditioning?  And, most importantly, who will service the new Obamacar?  There is also a lot of speculation as to what mechanics will be able to work on the car, so we’re still waiting on the preferred mechanic’s lists. And, the manual has over 2,700 pages just for starting it!

However, knowing all of the above with the Obamacar; the problem is that it’s still in the Research & Development department, and all could change before it is rolled out into production.

Notwithstanding, I’m still the Obamacar-salesperson-of-the-month (yes, the title was self-made)!

If the above has you scratching your head then you can probably see some similarities to the recent developments to Health Care Reform.  Not to worry, at ACS Insurance, we’ve been watching this law for over three years and are do know the contents of its manual.

This month’s winner is Wilder Auctions.  Wilder Auctions is a new client with ACS Insurance and they specialize in asset recovery and re-marketing services.  Wilder Auctions uses eBay.com as their global marketplace to advertise goods to be sold.  You can reach Matt with Wilder Auctions at: (775) 225-1159 or, view items they have for sale at: http://www.ebay.com/sch/wilderauctions!/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

 Who drives a Nissan

Monthly Newsletter – October 2013

You know you’re in the month of October when everything you order has some type of Pumpkin spice included. Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Lattes and Pumpkin bread are popular at this time of year.  However, breakfast recently at a local diner included “Pumpkin Pancakes” – I think that’s where I draw the line.

Did you know that Native Americans used Pumpkins for medicinal purposes?  Maybe they knew that Obamacare would be here soon and needed to get healthy.  Pumpkin seeds were also brought back to Europe by Columbus to be planted and fed to pigs (or used in pancakes).

Pilgrims also invented pumpkin beer.  It’s funny to see how we’ve progressed using squash as a medicine to making beer (maybe that’s the medicinal part).  How we ever came to carving these orange vegetables into scary faces is beyond me.

Speaking of scary, there is a lot of media attention regarding the impending health care reform.  What to do, what not to do, or whether it’s just doo doo.  Just know that we at ACS Insurance are here with you every step of the way.  Like watching a child from birth, we have been watching the law grow from its inception, through its infancy, and now starting to walk.  We even watch when its face gets squished when something doesn’t work right or leaves a bad taste in the mouth (kind of like eating pumpkin pancakes).

We understand the implications of Health Care Reform, and are here to help.  We are just a phone call or email away from your questions being answered.

This month’s winner is Brenda Terhaar.  Brenda owns Blinds & Designs by Brenda. Blinds & Designs by Brenda specializes in blinds, shutters, shades and draperies which includes interior design, staging, and color makeovers.  You can reach Brenda at:775-338-2220, or by visiting her website:  www.blinds-designs.net.  Brenda is also a new client with ACS Insurance – welcome to our family Brenda!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who doesn’t eat chocolate pancakes, either.

Monthly Newsletter – September 2013

If you’re a fan of LIAM NEESOM, then September is the month for you! Alright, so maybe I’m not going to talk about Liam Neesom, but LIAM – Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Since you were wondering (and you know you were), life insurance is an inexpensive way to protect those you love from the heartache of financial problems once you’re gone. And yes, one day you will be gone and funerals can be expensive, and death shouldn’t mean debt. We can call this your “life support” for the family.

While some of us are working hard this month (ME) there are those of us (more notably the bossman, Andy) are out prancing in the woods.

Maybe he’s not actually prancing – he is really on his annual Elk Hunt. Prior to working for Andy, I had no idea about the actual terminology regarding hunting. When he first told me that he got a cow (personally sounded like he had a cow) I thought of some big bad hunter going into a penned area with a herd of cattle. Maybe the elk needed life insurance as well, or the herd would have had a cow, not sure which.

I have been busy not only this year, but particularly this month with getting ready for the implementation of Health Care Reform. As you can see by the picture below, I am now certified to help you with your health insurance both on the exchange and off the exchange.

Still confused about what the Exchange is? I’m not! Feel free to call me anytime with your questions or if you’re needing that life and health quote.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Whose extent of hunting has been at the local grocery store’s meat department.

Monthly Newsletter – August 2013

This month I thought it would be important to write about Gambling and Exchanges.  You might think that I am talking about casinos, money exchanges, chess exchanges, or the department store type of exchanges (which is very important if literally the shoe doesn’t fit).

The Exchange to which I am referring has to do with Health Care Reform. The Gambling I am referring to is in regards to which plan is going to be best for you, whether inside or outside of the Exchange.

Now, I was born in Reno.  Having Nevada as my home state, it’s not unusual to have talks of gambling, odds, statistics, and plain “what ifs.”  I have never felt like more of a gambler than the last three years since health care reform’s implementation.  Since health care reform has been changing constantly, there is a bit of gambling pre and post January 1, 2014 (when the law is fully implemented) as to which plans or markets are going to be best for our clients.

I also thought it would be important to clarify the role and function of the Exchange, and how it would apply to you.

The Exchange is another marketplace that is set to open October 1, 2013 for an effective date beginning January 1, 2014.  If your income is within 400% of the federal poverty level, you could qualify for a government subsidy and this might be a good avenue to save on premiums.  Not all plans or carriers will be on the Exchange. Basically, the Exchange is just another avenue for ACS Insurance to shop for rates and plans for you.  It’s important to know that you do not have to use the Exchange.

There is a lot of information regarding the Exchanges, rules, regulations, laws, implementations, bacon farming (no bacon, just making sure I’ve still got your attention).  The good thing is that ACS Insurance speaks fluent Health Care Reform.

Here’s how we know that gambling and health care reform go together:

1)    It is costing more than what we initially thought it would

2)   It isn’t fun anymore (good thing we still love our jobs and think its fun!)

3)   Coping with urges to go back and have a do-over

4)   Looking for a lucky rabbit’s foot

This month’s winner is Barb Sanner.  Barb won by referring her son to ACS Insurance.  How about those odds of winning for her?  Pretty good!  Thanks Barb!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who chooses not to put her money into the casinos; but is happy that there are others who do!

Monthly Newsletter – July 2013

Many of you have probably already heard of the delay in the Health Care Reform implementation that occurred the first week in July.  I want to stress that the delay only pertains to employer groups with more than 50 employees, leaving the individual mandate intact.

There are a few things that you, as an individual (whether or not you are on a group health plan) need to be aware of:  Currently, the understanding is that your insurance plan cannot have a deductible more than $2,000 – or be subject to an annual fine/tax that would be $95 OR 1% of your income – whichever is GREATER (i.e., an individual earning $60,000/year is subject to a $600 fine).  Not sure about what you currently have for your plan?  That’s where we come in – there are a lot of intricacies with this ever-changing law – let us help with your questions.

This month, I thought it would be fun to compare Health Care Reform – “Obamacare” to some common household words:

Obamacare is like the weather…it’s constantly changing.

Obamacare is like Nike…Just Do it.

Obamacare is like Lowe’s…never stop improving.

Obamacare is like Boeing…forever new frontiers.

Obamacare is like Bose…better sound through research.

Obamacare is like Cisco Systems…This is the power of the network. Now.

Obamacare is like Verizon Wireless…Can you hear Me Now? Good.

Obamacare is like Capital One: What’s in your wallet?

Obamacare is like Porsche: There is NO substitute. (however, there are some options)

Obamacare is like Xerox: The Document Company. (All 2,719 pages)

Obamacare is like the Energizer Bunny…it keeps going and going.

Obamacare is like the Titanic: It’s unsinkable. (…even after 37 tries)

But my favorite is…ACS Insurance is like Home Depot. You can do it. We can help.

This month’s winner is Hanna Rodgers.  Hanna is a new client with ACS Insurance – who was referred by another client – so both were entered into this month’s drawing!  You too can be entered in this month’s drawing by liking us on Facebook, calling for a quote or referring someone to our agency.

Orrrr… this month, just send me an email of your own version of “Obamacare is like…” and I’ll enter you in the drawing.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
Who really knows that Obamacare is like Lazarus…no matter what, it lives on.

Monthly Newsletter – June 2013

This month, I thought it would be fun to make a twist on the “Everything I need to know about…” lists and turn it into insurance (for my paycheck’s sake, I HAVE to talk about insurance somewhere).

Everything I need to know about Health Care Reform, I learned from Noah’s Ark:

  1. Don’t miss the boat.  (It’s just not a boat – it’s Health Care Reform, it’s been floating awhile and it begins January 1, 2014).
  2. Remember, we are all in the same boat (yup, even brokers have a 1/1/14 date – unless you’re a member of Congress, then maaaaaybe…)
  3. Plan ahead.  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.  (I don’t think that Noah had to worry about Health Care Reform, but he might have benefited from pet insurance).  Planning ahead means call ACS Insurance so that it’s not raining on you when the mandate begins.
  4. Stay fit.  When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.  (Being fit also means that you have insurance or be subject to the penalty/tax).
  5. Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.  (There are plenty of critics with the new mandate; but it’s now the law, like it or not).
  6. When you’re stressed, float while (plenty of stress related to this law; good thing the folks atACS Insurance know their stuff!)
  7. Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; the titanic by professionals.  (I will let you guess if Health Care Reform was built by amateurs or professionals).
  8. There is always a rainbow at the end of a storm (Hopefully we’ll see a rainbow at the end of Health Care Reform, without risking a pot of gold).

I could probably think of more, but wanted to be cautiously optimistic about the new mandate.

So thought this month I instead of adding a picture of me with the winner, I thought I would send a picture of just the winners (and it’s a great picture of them!)

This month’s winner is Front & Bridge.  Front & Bridge is a full service, value-minded interior design and consulting firm located in Verdi, NV.  Front & Bridge specializes in hospitality design; however, they also provide residential and commercial design.  You can reach Sally and Peter Brinkerhoff at www.frontandbridge.com.

Want to be part of the fun and win this month’s prize?  Just “like” us on Facebook, call for a quote, or refer someone to our agency.  That’s it – super easy.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
Who has on occasion wondered about termites on the ark.

Monthly Newsletter – May 2013

I think today is the day that I am going to snap.  No, never mind, it’s a zipper – can’t snap today; maybe tomorrow.

Maybe I feel like snapping (or zippering) because May is not only National Hamburger Month, but also National Blood Pressure Month.  How can we be sane with two holidays that counter-act each other?  If neither one of those apply to your life (with or without ketchup and heart monitors) then it’s also National Bike and National Salad Month as well.

Speaking of snapping, I get a lot of phone calls from folks who feel that they are going to snap over the new laws regarding Health Care Reform, what it means, and how it will it apply to their lives (notice how I said WILL apply and not MIGHT apply? – there’s a reason for that).

Andy and I are committed to helping you with the transition of the new mandates (or recommitted, since it’s also National Re-commitment Month as well).  I don’t know if that means we accidentally checked into the mental ward AGAIN – because I didn’t see a National Commitment Day – which in reality probably has something to do with bacon or chocolate; both of which I’m good with.

Speaking of commitment, this month’s winner is Jessica Nicely who owns The Stylish Scribe.  The Stylish Scribe is a custom invitation company.  They create coordinating wedding, birthday, baby and party invitations.  So, if you’re looking at a commitment ceremony of some type, you can reach The Stylish Scribe at www.thestylishscribe.com or by calling them at 775-560-1981.

Want to be part of the fun and win this month’s prize?  Just “like” us on Facebook, call for a quote, or refer someone to our agency.  That’s it – super easy.  You don’t even need to be fully committed to enter.

Heck, just email me (grace@acsinsurance.com) that you’re even partially sane and I’ll enter you in the drawing!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

(Who still can’t a Doctor’s note to be committed – yet)

Monthly Newsletter – April 2013

I find it ironic that April is filled with conflicting holidays.  For instance, not only do we have the coveted April Fool’s Day, but lo and behold, this lies on the same day as International Tatting Day.  At first I thought it was International Tattoo Day, which would have been even funnier to coincide with April Fools (Can’t you hear:”Hey Honey, I tattooed my first girlfriend’s name on my arm, funny, huh?” Probably not.

Now I’m not trying to insult those who tat (really is the art of making lace), but their website touts that “tatting is enjoyed by thousands of people.”  Thousands of people? Who? I don’t know if the ‘thousands’ are just in Fargo, North Dakota, the United States, or the World.

Now, I may be a cynic but I don’t think that making delicate, elegant lace could be trumped by a good, old fashioned joke.  And maybe knowing the popularity of tattoos these days, maybe they could have picked another name so not to get confused with tattoos. We could even have new bumper stickers that state “my grandmother has a better tat than you.”

Going from tattoos, tatting and jokes to insurance can be a difficult task.  However, you just knew that I would tie it in somewhere.  Being a broker, we have a personal responsibility to make sure that our clients receive the right plan; this is not a task that is taken lightly. So whether you would like the standard red heart tatted with your favorite broker’s name (spelled G-R-A-C-E) or whether you want to have grandma tat a sweater in my honor would be fine.

The point I want to make is that you never know what event can happen in your life to spur catastrophic situations that will be beyond your financial control.  I hear too often that people don’t inquire about life or health insurance until it’s too late.  Please give us a call before something happens in your life that will have a negative financial impact on your future.

This month’s made-in-Nevada winner is Stewart Comer.  Stewart is a new client of ACS Insurance, which is how he was entered to win this month.  He didn’t require a tattoo or tatted anything for him to win.  You too can be entered by “liking” us on Facebook, calling for a quote, or referring someone to our agency.

Until next month,


(Who is still a blank canvass)