If you’re a fan of LIAM NEESOM, then September is the month for you! Alright, so maybe I’m not going to talk about Liam Neesom, but LIAM – Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Since you were wondering (and you know you were), life insurance is an inexpensive way to protect those you love from the heartache of financial problems once you’re gone. And yes, one day you will be gone and funerals can be expensive, and death shouldn’t mean debt. We can call this your “life support” for the family.

While some of us are working hard this month (ME) there are those of us (more notably the bossman, Andy) are out prancing in the woods.

Maybe he’s not actually prancing – he is really on his annual Elk Hunt. Prior to working for Andy, I had no idea about the actual terminology regarding hunting. When he first told me that he got a cow (personally sounded like he had a cow) I thought of some big bad hunter going into a penned area with a herd of cattle. Maybe the elk needed life insurance as well, or the herd would have had a cow, not sure which.

I have been busy not only this year, but particularly this month with getting ready for the implementation of Health Care Reform. As you can see by the picture below, I am now certified to help you with your health insurance both on the exchange and off the exchange.

Still confused about what the Exchange is? I’m not! Feel free to call me anytime with your questions or if you’re needing that life and health quote.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Whose extent of hunting has been at the local grocery store’s meat department.