May has to be one of the strangest months, given the combination of events that occur. What other month has a religious event (National Day of Prayer) that falls within two days of the biggest drinking day (Cinco de Mayo)? Maybe they do go together, like birds and worms – I have been TOLD (wink, wink) that some worms are in tequila bottles.

Two events that DO go together in May are: National Barbeque Month and Memorial Day. Those two go together like birds and birds, or better yet, eagles and eagles.

Speaking of Memorial Day, last May, ACS Insurance supported the Veterans Guest House by giving away flags for those who supported our veterans.

This year, if you make a donation to the Veterans Guest House, we will come by to personally PICK UP your donation and give you a flag – these are not the little flags handed out at parades, either! We will also give you a receipt (because we all looooove the IRS!) AND you will be entered in our monthly drawing. The Veterans Guest House is looking for many items, not just monetary (although cash is still king…), here’s a link to the list of needed items:

I know you’ll join us in making some substantial donations. Yes, we are very happy picking up any supplies, but maaaaaybe not last year’s calendars, thermal fax paper rolls, or used post-it notes.

I also thought I would clarify a few things regarding HealthCare Reform. Not to worry, I will not go into the details of the 2,074 pages (because I heard no one really knows what’s in it), or talk about the possible implications of the bill.

What I will do is give you a health tip for this month that was passed along to me: If you can’t afford a doctor, go to an airport – you’ll get a free x-ray and breast exam, and; if you mention Al Qaeda, you’ll get a free colonoscopy. (I normally don’t use someone else’s words when writing, but that was too good to pass up). Sort of like passing up garlic bread when you’re having spaghetti because you’re trying to stay away from the carbs…doesn’t make sense.

Here’s another insurance tip – if you are curious as to what “in-network” and “out-of-network” means – it is as easy as going to the carrier’s website and finding a doctor on your current plan. As a side note, just because a Doctor’s office says that they will take/bill your insurance, does not mean that they are a preferred provider – and you could possibly pay more than you should.

AEM GoldSpeaking of not paying more than they should, this month’s winner is our client, Agnico-Eagle. Agnico-Eagle is a Canadian based gold producer, established in 1972 and they have been in Reno for 12 years. If you would like to learn more, you can contact them at (775) 828-6070 or through their website:

Wow – we’ve covered a lot of bases this month, from Eagles to gold, with our veterans in the middle of these two beauties – a perfect combination.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious about insurance.”
Grace – Parakeet