Happy Birthday! In a few days you will be 5 years old! In the moments since your birth, we have watched you grow from an infant with defined “needs and wants” to a small child learning to walk and have a voice.

It hasn’t been an easy five years. You have had a few growing pains, some temper tantrums and occasional bursts of joy these past few years.

We have watched with excitement and anticipation for your “next steps.” As with any person watching a child grow, we look forward to the future and what you can accomplish.

March 23, 2015 marks the 5th birthday of the signing for President Obama’s health care reform law. With anything new there are good and bad; not to mention adjustments and changes for everyone.

One of these new adjustments is another open enrollment period. If you didn’t have insurance last year – and were unaware of the fine that you received when filing your taxes, you have an opportunity to get enrolled. Through April 30th, give our office a call and we would be happy to get you insurance.

This month’s winner is…Anette Colcock. Anette is a long standing client with ACS Insurance and was thrilled to hear about winning Made in Nevada prizes!
Anette and her husband Rick own Remote Slate LLC which helps companies identify their processes to systematize with current technology (getting rid of paper forms and replace with smart phones or tablets). You can reach them at 775-393-9123 or email: techpro@remoteslate.com.

Want to get in on all the fun and win prizes? Just “like” our page on Facebook, call for a quote, or refer a friend! That’s what Anette did – and now she’s got the cool prizes!

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who loves birthdays, but realizes sometimes “get well soon” is appropriate as well.