There have been some very exciting things happening at ACS Insurance this month

The first is that I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC with some fellow insurance agents to descend upon Capitol Hill and discuss the changes to the Affordable Care Act and its affects on you, our clients.

While we are still in the process of sorting through all of (constant) changes, just know that ACS Insurance is keeping up with the changes and is here to help you.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding Obamacare and what it means to you, feel free to give me a call.  There are still some options for open enrollment.

We also have a new member on our crew.  Her name is Henrietta, or more affectionately known at “Etta.”  It is interesting to note that when someone has a lengthy name, it gets shortened into a cuter name.  However, if you have only five letters in your name (such as mine), you don’t get the option of a shorter name.  Andrew is Andy.  Henrietta is Etta.  Grace is just Grace.

Etta - the newest "Silly People, Serious About Insurance."

 Etta – our newest “Silly Person, Serious About Insurance.”

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”


Evidently, I can shorten my name, which is now super cool!