I would like to make an observation that if you are ever discouraged with your job, think about how bad baseball players have it.

I am not talking about their major salaries, crazy lifestyles, or trophy wives. I am talking about the information that we receive prior to them coming to work which is just basically getting on the field.

Can you imagine going to work and the minute you walk in the door, your height and weight are announced to EVERYONE? And, how about those mistakes we occasionally make (some of us more occasionally than others)? Not only do baseball players have all their errors known to the world, but they also have how many errors they have made in their career. I couldn’t imagine mine – “Grace made 4,236 typing errors this yeer” (oops – another one!) and now is on suspension due to failing a caffeine test. We don’t even need to get into the personal injuries that are endured – not to mention the over-the-top information we hear about their groins.

Speaking of personal injuries (sorry – it’s my job to talk about insurance somewhere) did you know that ACS Insurance can give your group a quote on disability or other supplemental insurance for use when you do have an injury? It’s an important aspect of health insurance, knowing that a supplemental plan will fill in before your deductible kicks in, or before you get kicked in the — (refer to the baseball terminology above).

Big's Bees NV Honey
Big’s Bees NV Honey

This month’s winner is Danielle McVickers. Danielle is not only a current client of ours – but won because of the referral she sent to ACS Insurance. Thanks Danielle! That was the sweetest compliment!

Speaking of sweet…I have a new honey. Well, not me actually, but our Made-In-Nevada prize now contains raw HONEY (still not me). Big’s Bee’s Local Nevada Honey (www.bigsbees.com) is made in the Reno/Sparks area! The other buzz is the Old West Barber Shop that also got into the mix (www.oldwestbarbershops.com) for an $80 gift certificate! So, whether you need a buzz, or like the bees’ buzz, we’ve got you covered for the monthly drawing, along with all the other cool stuff we throw in!

If you want to be entered into this month’s drawing, all you need to do is “like” us on Facebook (there isn’t a “love” button yet), call for a quote (we don’t bite), or refer someone to our agency (the highest compliment!). Aaaaaand since baseball season is in full swing, if you want to email me your favorite part about baseball, I will enter you as well. If you don’t like baseball, then you can email me your own latest buzz, as long as it’s not too sticky, too sweet, and definitely not too raw.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious about Insurance.”
Grace Jeter (Trophy Wife In Waiting)