It’s January.  That usually means New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t make resolutions; more than anything because I don’t want to disappoint myself or have to reform into some life-altering state.

That said, I have decided to make some resolutions that I KNOW I can keep.  Just because I value YOU, I thought I would share so you can make your own list, as well.

1)    I resolve not to rob any banks (…only good until December 31st, then I will have to re-evaluate for next year’s resolution).

2)   I resolve to not move to the Bahamas and enjoy little fruity drinks with umbrellas, or have my cabana boy (fairly easy one to keep since there isn’t an SPF that will guard my skin from the sun – but then I would have a cabana boy…).

3)   I resolve to not use any non-organic chemicals on my Lamborghini (don’t own one, so this is easy as well – the car, not the wax).

4)   I resolve that I won’t chew my nails over Health Care Reform.  (I didn’t say that I wouldn’t restlessly stew over it, or stay up night worrying, just said that my fingernails were safe).

5)   I resolve that I will keep writing these silly eblasts, as long as you keep reading them (heck, you’re on #5 so I think I’m safe on this one, too).

If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution, let me know and I’ll enter you in this month’s drawing.  Whether you keep it or not, is up to you, God, and The Mayans (wait, we can leave them out of the scenario since they didn’t know how to count anyway, right?)

If you are still contemplating (or procrastinating) on a New Year’s Resolution, why don’t you let me help you?  It is easy to call our office for a new health or life insurance quote.  Or, maybe it’s time to just re-evaluate your current policy and see if it still fits with your life.  I recently got my life insurance policy; was easy, and the staff was amazing to deal with (another resolution: to put the ego in-check).

Speaking of drawings, this month’s winner is Stephanie

Smith-Hart who was entered by referring someone to our agency for a quote.  However, since Stephanie is out-of-town this month and I wasn’t able to get a picture of her,  so you get one of just me…

As always, if you want to be part of our drawings, just like us on Facebook, refer a friend, or call for a quote – even this could be your New Year’s Resolution.

Just in case you missed previous e-blasts and silliness… you can find them here on our Blog.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

(Who is checking her passport now to see if a cabana boy can be considered as checked luggage.)