Since the individual open enrollment season is coming to a close on February 15th, I thought I would let you know that we are still “silly people, serious about insurance.

Working long hours during this time hasn’t lessened our need to find humor in the little things, such as enrollments on the Exchange.

Here are just a few real stories that happened this year.  I am not disclosing who said what, as I’m sure that Hipaa violations could be included somewhere.  If one of these quotes is from you, just know that mental health is a covered benefit.
On security questions:

What was your favorite childhood toy?  My client answered: “matches.”  But then immediately let me know that as an adult he has upgraded to lighters. What is your favorite cuisine?  The most popular answer?  Beer.

On Medicaid questions:

Do you need help with daily activities, such as dressing?  The wife responded: “Absolutely he does!  Have you seen what he’s wearing today?”  She then went on to tell me that they needed to have an adult version of Garanimals so that her husband could match the shirt to the pants.
On insurability questions:

Are you currently incarcerated, detained or jailed?  Answer:  “I think I already answered that I am married.”

These are just a few of the things that made us smile during the enrollment process.  The other things that made us smile was the ability to get a lot of folks insured, who otherwise didn’t have insurance, were confused over the process, or needed guidance on choosing a plan.

There’s still time to get you enrolled if you haven’t already.  Just call our office for an appointment.

This month’s Made In Nevada winner is…Caroline Mathes!  Caroline not only referred someone to ACS insurance, but also does business with our agency!  Caroline is an amazing Realtor, and was excited to hear of her winning!  You can reach Caroline by contacting:


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Here’s your NV Lifestyle Realtor – Caroline! 🙂