It’s February, which means that love is in the air.  Not quite sure what that actually means, since it appears that the only thing that’s in the air lately is the flu bug.  So maybe flu is in the air, but we’re suppose to think about love and giving our heart away.  So if we gave our heart away, we’d be a cold, lifeless person – yeah, that’s something to love…

So this month I thought I would talk about some things that you should love…like your insurance broker.  I know, it sounds a little corny or untraditional (and we don’t expect flowers or chocolate, but would be nice on occasion…hint, hint).

Why love your broker?  Here are some reasons in case you didn’t know how wonderful we can be (without flowers and candy):

1)    All brokers get the same rates from the insurance carriers, but not all brokers provide the same service.  How many times have you called and called without a return call or an email goes unanswered?

2)   It costs you absolutely nothing to have a broker.  Having a broker won’t raise your rates.  The insurance carriers have the same premium rates with or without a broker.

3)   Brokers are cool because we can usually resolve issues you’re having with billing, premiums, or lost ID cards without waiting on hold or knowing which number to press for English.

4)   Brokers can help to shop the market – whether or not you’re satisfied with your current plan – we can help to find the best rate and plans for your current lifestyle.

Hope this was insightful and full of love, squishy feelings and utter bliss.

Speaking of utter bliss, we have a new sponsor!  Newman’s Natural Carpet Care!  Newman’s is an environmentally friendly quality carpet & upholstery cleaning company…you can reach them at or by calling (775) 626-5550.  Not only are they a new sponsor, but they’re a client of ACS Insurance, and I’m a client of theirs!

This month’s made-in-Nevada winner is Carrie Kester.  Carrie gave a referral to ACS Insurance which made her eligible for the drawing.  Carrie also stated that she was glad I called because it’s her year to re-do her insurance and have us double-check her life and health policies.  Now there’s someone who knows the value of a broker! You too can know the value of a broker and be in the drawing by liking us on Facebook, referring a client, or calling for a quote.

On a side note, it’s pretty funny that Valentine’s Day is also National Organ Donor Day – I guess you really can give your heart away.

Until next month,

Whose heart is intact and has disinfectant spray.