Since it is spring, I thought I would pass along the “New Spring Rules for April, 2012”

  • Change the batteries in the smoke detector. My neighbors are the only ones on the block who wish mine would die – as it usually goes off around dinnertime. Every night.
  • Have Andy take a look at your life insurance policies. Hopefully there aren’t terms in your policy that will expire before you do.
  • Bring out the cushions for the backyard furniture. I brought mine out last weekend, which should sufficiently ward off any possible snowfall that is anticipated in the next few days.
  • Make a map of where you hid those Easter eggs. This is especially true if you’re over 40, have cataracts, or an overly-eager dog that likes eggs, too.
  • Do your spring cleaning. Never mind this one – just sounded like it needed to go in this category – but no one wants a list to clean. Wait until fall, and then you will find that you didn’t need to clean in the spring after all.
  • Rearrange your living room furniture. Back in the ‘80s when I was a teenager, we rearranged our living room and found an egg that was colored and beautiful, but was just, well, old.
  • Considering that I am the youngest of four, and I was a teenager, it had been awhile since Easter Bunny visited. I won’t even go into the fact that obviously under the couch had not been vacuumed in as many years, either.
  • After reading the above, put spring cleaning back on the list.

Maybe that’s what spring cleaning is all about? Not getting spring clothes out, but finding missing Easter eggs, sort of like finding that you will get a tax refund – it’s unexpected. Some of us – (me) – know the words ‘refund’ and ‘IRS’ are never in the same sentence.

If you are lucky enough to get a tax refund, instead of doing something frivolous with it, why don’t you let Andy show you some options to make your refund work for you? Andy can help you take your retirement and savings to a whole new level.

Don’t just take my word for it that Andy knows what he is talking about. We received this testimonial last week from Mistia: “I was really struck by the fact that you don’t represent just one life insurance company and you know so much about so many different plans. If there is anyone I would like to work with, it is you.”

Reno Sparks Cab

Here is someone else that also likes to work with us; and coincidentally is this month’s e-blast winner: Reno Sparks Cab Company. (775) 333-3333 – they have been in business since 1979, founded by Roy Street. This family operated business would love to have your business as well.

If you would like to be part of our monthly drawing, just refer someone to our agency, call for a quote, or like us on Facebook.

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”