It’s time to talk about drugs, kids.

Now, the current push is to get kids to not take drugs, but from where I am sitting, there are folks who need to take them.

For instance, I have many clients who for one reason or another either:
1) Are afraid of doctors (called Iatrophobiain case you’re wondering)
2) Are afraid of needles (Trypanophobia)
3) Are afraid of spiders (sorry – went on a tangent). (Arachnophobia – but you knew that one).

Here’s what I know:
1) If you’re sick, go to the doctor – that’s what you have insurance for.
a. Added bonus: the waiting rooms have that old copy of Field ‘n Stream that you forgot to read…last summer.
2) If you’re afraid of needles, you probably shouldn’t go outside either.
a. You might get bit by a black widow spider and that hurts WAY worse. Then you’ll have to go to the urgent care, and get a shot anyway.

In all reality, folks have insurance but won’t go to the doctor – or know that they have a prescription – but won’t get it filled.

Unfortunately, there can be complications from NOT taking the medication than just taking it in the first place.

Don’t have a doctor or pharmacy? Ask your family and friends who they trust for their care (because they do go to the doctor). That’s what THEY are here for.

Don’t have insurance? That’s what WE are here for!

Give us a call and we promise not to talk about how many spiders are ingested while you sleep!

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who has Ophidiophobia! You’ll have to look that one up!