Nevada governor vetoes Medicaid-for-all bill

By David Montero | Los Angeles Times

There will be no Medicaid-for-all option in Nevada.

Gov. Brian Sandoval waited until the last day he could — Friday — to veto a measure that would have offered a state-sponsored health insurance option to all residents regardless of income. If he hadn’t signed it or vetoed it by midnight, it would have become law.

Had the Republican governor signed it, however, Nevada would have become the first state to attempt a Medicaid-for-all approach to health insurance. It also would have placed Nevada among the ranks of states including California that are looking for ways to […]

Aetna reverses course, may offer ObamaCare policies in Nevada

By John Bowden — The Hill

Health insurer Aetna has filed rates for ObamaCare policies in Nevada next year after previously indicating it would be leaving the marketplace.

Aetna has agreed to participate in the state’s exchange in order to better the company’s chances of winning a contract to offer Medicaid policies there, CNN Money reported Tuesday.

In August, Aetna announced that it would significantly scale back its participation in the ObamaCare markets to just four states, down from 15 the year before. In a statement Tuesday, Aetna wouldn’t commit fully to offering plans next year.

“We’ve filed rates based on a contractual obligation […]

Nearly 2M fell off Obamacare coverage rolls through mid-March

By Rachana Pradhan | POLITCO

The number of Americans insured under Obamacare fell by nearly 2 million people between Jan. 31 and mid-March, according to new CMS data that found about 10.3 million still were covered through health law exchanges.

The decline reflects customers failing to pay premiums after they selected plans during the most recent open enrollment period. Roughly 12.2 million people had selected private plans through the federal exchanges and the state-run marketplaces that operate in about a dozen states as of the Jan. 31 deadline to sign up.

CMS said high costs and lack of affordability were the most […]

May Newsletter – Weeds and Seeds



It’s spring!  Spring is a great time to get personal stuff in order.  Time to dust off the outside furniture, put the yard together and pull a few weeds.  With the weather we have had this winter, I know I’m not the only with one with more than my fair share of weeds.  I have found that weeding my yard is actually therapeutic and gets me to slow down and clear my mind.  Gives me a bit of peace as well.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the physical things that we need to do – sometimes it can be things that […]

April Newsletter – Crystal Balls and Lava Lamps

My Crystal Ball is broken.  I checked the batteries, downloaded the latest version of the app, and even took it to the shop for repair.  No one could seem to understand why it wasn’t letting me know the future of the ACA.

For specifics, the ACA has now been named “AHCA” because we all can’t agree on everything (or at times, anything).  AHCA stands for the American Health Care Act.  I think that pronouncing AHCA sounds like I am ready to sneeze and a “Bless You” will ensue “AHCA-Chooooo”.  Bless you.

This is truly the most asked question:  “What’s going to happen […]

Mayo to give preference to privately insured patients over Medicaid patients

Pushback on Medicaid, Medicare part of a trend.
By Jeremy Olson Star Tribune

Mayo Clinic’s chief executive made a startling announcement in a recent speech to employees: The Rochester-based health system will give preference to patients with private insurance over those with lower-paying Medicaid or Medicare coverage, if they seek care at the same time and have comparable conditions.
The number of patients affected would probably be small, but the selective strategy reveals the financial pressures that Mayo is facing in part due to federal health reforms. For while the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of uninsured patients, it has […]

IRS To Pull Back On Enforcing ACA’s Individual Mandate For Coverage.

IRS won’t withhold tax refunds if Americans ignore ACA insurance requirement
By Amy Goldstein February 15 – The Washington Post

The Trump administration is taking its first steps to put its imprint on the Affordable Care Act, reversing plans to withhold tax refunds this year from Americans who flout an insurance requirement in the law while proposing a series of rule changes to encourage insurers to remain in ACA marketplaces.The Internal Revenue Service has revoked an Obama-era instruction to taxpayers that was taking effect during the current filing season as a way to further compliance with the ACA’s requirement that most Americans […]

President Trump’s ACA Executive Order

Just hours after President Trump was sworn into office there was breaking news about the president’s executive order (EO), “Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal.” According to the text of the order, it charges the departments and agencies associated with the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to ease the burden of the ACA as we transition to repeal and replace.

The EO did not repeal any part of the ACA and does not directly mention any legislation or regulation that President Trump is directing to be eased, repealed, rescinded or amended. […]