Trump administration looking to lower price of health care plans next year

Trump Intends To Sign New Executive Order Allowing Increased Sales Of Less Expensive Healthcare Plans, Sources Say.
Published December 27, 2017 | Health Care | FOXBusiness

President Donald Trump is planning to sign a new executive order to make cheaper health care plans more accessible to consumers, a White House official confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday.

The Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Labor are considering rewriting rules so that consumers can buy cheaper plans without all of the ObamaCare mandates. The source told Fox News that the president is aiming to sign the new executive order by January.

Expanding […]

Health law sign-up deadline extended for some people

Trump Administration To Extend ACA Enrollment For Consumers Who Called Before Deadline.
WASHINGTON (AP) — After a rush of last-minute sign-ups, the Trump administration says it’s extending the deadline for some people to finish health insurance applications for next year under the Affordable Care Act.

Callers to the service center on Saturday morning got a recorded message saying “don’t worry” — if they’d called and left their phone number before the deadline, they’ll get a call back and still can enroll for 2018. issued similar extensions previously under the Obama administration.

Although the deadline has passed for most consumers in the 39 […]

December Newsletter – my last writing — well, this year!

As a small distraction from the cooking, shopping, and overeating, here are some fun “revised” Christmas/Holiday songs to make you smile a little.


• Walking In An Insurance Wonderland

• I’m Dreaming of Open Enrollment

• I Saw Mommy Kissing Her Insurance Broker

• Baby It’s Insurance Time

• Frosty, the Repeal, Replace, Repair Snowman

• Jingle Claims

• Little Deductible Boy

• All I Want For Christmas Is Low Premiums

• New Mandates Are Coming to Town (this one has a new version every month!)


Our offices will be closed on:

Monday, December 25 & Tuesday December 26

(to spread cheer and recover from the […]

October Newsletter – Itsy Bitsy Spider

It’s time to talk about drugs, kids.

Now, the current push is to get kids to not take drugs, but from where I am sitting, there are folks who need to take them.

For instance, I have many clients who for one reason or another either:
1) Are afraid of doctors (called Iatrophobiain case you’re wondering)
2) Are afraid of needles (Trypanophobia)
3) Are afraid of spiders (sorry – went on a tangent). (Arachnophobia – but you knew that one).

Here’s what I know:
1) If you’re sick, go to the doctor – that’s what you have insurance for.
a. Added bonus: the waiting rooms have that old […]

September Newsletter – Ch-ch-ch-changes

So you’re confused about the changes to the health care law? I get that question (or comment) a lot. I mean, a lot. In fact, when I say ‘a lot’ it could be a parking lot worth of questions. Truth is, no one knows how the changes, or non-changes will unfold.


It took 14 months to get the ACA to pass.


In perspective, here’s some scenarios on 14 months:


A 14 month old toddler can utter many words beyond “Mama” and “Dada” – although when you listen to Congress sometimes they sounds like baby babble!


A 14 month old in Utah learned […]

GOP ability to dismantle health law expires at month’s end

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans will soon run out of time to rely on their slim majority to dismantle the Obama health law.

The Senate parliamentarian has determined that rules governing the effort will expire when the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, according to independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee. The rules allow Republicans to dismantle President Barack Obama’s health care law with just 51 votes, avoiding a filibuster.

“Today’s determination by the Senate parliamentarian is a major victory for the American people and everyone who fought against President Trump’s attempt to take away […]

4 Million Americans Paid $2.8 Billion in Obamacare Penalties Through April 2017

Fewer Americans paid penalty after Trump’s executive order suggested IRS could grant exemptions
BY: Ali Meyer
August 22, 2017 1:00 pm

Four million Americans paid $2.8 billion in Obamacare penalties for not having health insurance on target year 2016 returns through April 27, 2017, according to data from the Taxpayer Advocate Service, a division of the Internal Revenue Service.

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate required Americans to purchase health care coverage or pay a penalty to the IRS.

At that time, individuals without insurance had to pay either a flat fee of $95 or 1 percent of the household’s adjusted gross […]

August Newsletter – Robots and Mazes

I have always considered myself a fairly good test taker. I love puzzles and crosswords and always up for a challenge. However, one test that I seem to fail over and over is the “I am not a robot” test on websites.


Maybe because I tend to overthink things.


On a recent “robot test” I had to mark the squares which showed a street sign. I marked almost all of the squares because the pole that holds the sign is also the street sign. Which by the way was wrong. (I’m sure that the Planning Department thinks the poles are […]