September is “Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month” which in essence means that I have a captive audience without threats of graffiti, cut tires, or writings on bathroom walls.  Not that I expect to get flowers (though would be nice) or ask you to draw my name with hearts on your desk, but I do want you to see my new “Top 10” list (David Letterman has one, why shouldn’t I???)

Top Ten reasons to have life insurance:

10.  Gives you peace of mind – or you can give your loved ones your final piece of mind; after all, they have to sit through the reading of the will.

9.  Burial/Final wishes.  How much fun would it be to make sure everyone dresses like Spongebob Squarepants at your wake?

8.  Life insurance can help plan for retirement.  Unless of course, you’re comfortable with the nursing home your kids have already picked out for you.  Hope you like prunes.

7.  Income replacement.  In case something happens to you in life, your children or spouse can continue the same standard of living.  Or, as Brent in our office says…”I’ve got my wife’s future dating fund set up.”

6.  We never know.  You remember the Boy Scout motto:  Be prepared.

5.  Keep the financial burden off your family.  Unless of course you don’t like them.

4.  Give money to your favorite charity.  They might name a park bench or a brick after you.

3.  Pay for funeral expenses.  Unless you’re donating your body to science, then this can go into Brent’s wife’s party fund.

2.  Remind your beneficiary that they can be removed out of the will at any time if certain demands aren’t met in this lifetime (weekly car washes, etc).

And the #1 reason to have life insurance…

1.  Leona Helmsley left millions to her dog, why shouldn’t you?

Now, what are your reasons for not having life insurance?  Call us today (and get into the drawing for our monthly basket drawing!)

Speaking of our drawing…Congratulations to Marie Downing with The Toiyabe Group, as she was this month’s winner!  Marie is the Corporate Secretary at Toiyabe and has been with them over 20 years!

Here’s to living life (with insurance, of course!)