I believe that the world would be a better place if only we could wean copiers and gas tanks like we can train and wean puppies and babies. Sort of like how we wish that we could potty-mouth train politicians.

Speaking of politicians, since it is close to election time, I am hoping that you exercise your right to vote…and not just cast a ballot, either…but are informed and do the research before casting that vote. I am not going to get political or voice my preferences (though some of you already know!) but this is a critical time for our nation. If you send me an email that you voted, I will put your name in our monthly drawing. I don’t need to know for whom you voted, just that you voted.

October has my second favorite holiday. I am sure that you already know that my favorite holiday is my birthday. Second favorite is Nevada’s birthday, on October 31st. I am one of THOSE people who answer my door on the 31st to the trick-or-treaters and say “Happy Nevada Day!” to the puzzled looks of the ghosts and goblins. I believe we need to confuse ’em early!

Speaking of birthdays, it’s time to talk about YOUR birthday…make the pledge to yourself that you will get more insurance – or make sure that your insurance (whether health or life) is appropriate for your current lifestyle and future before your next birthday.

ACS Insurance Monthly Winner - Nevada Payroll Services

This month’s made-in-Nevada winner is Nevada Payroll Services. Nevada Payroll Services has been in existence since 2001, started by two Certified Public Accountants. Nevada Payroll Services recognized a need for a high level payroll company in the area. You can reach them by calling: 775-284-7500 or visiting their website: www.nevadapayrollservices.com.

Our made-in-Nevada items include: BJs BBQ, (www.bjsbbq.com) and Big’s Bees Honey (www.bigsbees.com ). If you would like to be part of the monthly basket, just give me a call and let me know.

My apologies if you didn’t receive the last couple of eblasts, we had some issues with the technical side of our email server (of which I am not a technical person)…which I believe are now resolved. If you want to check out the months you missed, you can view them here: http://acsinsurance.com/blog/

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Silly girl, serious about voting.