November is a time to look back and reflect on the things that we are truly thankful for, such as:

  • We are thankful that we are NOT what we eat at Thanksgiving – unless you skip the turkey, and only eat the sweets.
  • We are all thankful that the election, its commercials, mailings and incessant phone calls are over.
  • We are thankful that there are health insurance brokers that understand Health Care Reform (ACS Insurance) which leads me to the following statement about Obamacare:

What I can say for certain is that whether your guy won or lost, health insurance as we know it has changed.

There is no better time to have an insurance broker that understands the provisions of the new law and how it pertains to you than now.

Here’s why you should have health insurance, or offer it to your employees:

  • Life is uncertain, and comes with many hiccups – and you never know when you will develop chronic hiccups. One man lost over 50 pounds in three years with hiccups – which is not recommended as a form of weight loss – health insurance is recommended instead.
  • Truth be known, the world is filled with bad drivers, careless neighbors, and clumsy family and friends. Make sure that their errors don’t leave you without coverage (of course it’s them and not you).
  • Having health insurance is like having a little more security when life’s unknowns come your way. Hopefully we will only ever talk good cholesterol, negative test results and healthy babies. But unfortunately, the other stuff happens, too.

I hope that you like this new eblast format…helps with the technologically challenged persons (me). I am also showcasing the made-in-Nevada items that are put into our monthly drawings. If you want to be part of it, let me know. Heck, I’m not shameless, if it’s made in Utah, Georgia, or even Yugoslavia, I’d be good with promoting that as well. Who says I can’t be bought?!?!

Speaking of Made-In-Nevada, this month’s winner was Rhonda Gerych of Cathexes, who is not only a client of ACS Insurance, but won because she told me she voted.   

Cathexes is a highly awarded architectural and planning firm in Northern Nevada that has specialized in Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design since 1985.

Cathexes is working to import innovation and technology that will enhance the business and cultural development of the Northern Nevada region. You can reach them at (775) 329-3341 or by visiting their website:

Rhonda from Cathexes

As always, if you want to be part of our drawings, just like us on Facebook, refer a friend, or call for a quote – and you can be thankful as well.

Just in case you missed previous e-blasts and silliness… you can find them here on our Blog.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”