November has to be one of my favorite months for holidays.  Not only is it Thanksgiving, and a time to reflect on food, er I mean family…but it’s also a time for shopping.  After all, who doesn’t love Black Friday? (I can hear the men cringing and the credit cards rejoicing).  I am listing a few of my personal reasons why these holidays are my favorite:

Thanksgiving provides for a calorie-free day…here’s how:

  1. When cutting into the pumpkin pie…the knife actually cuts the calories off the pie.
  2. When breaking bread, fat is broken off at this time, too.
  3. When eating any food, it’s important to watch the color scheme.  For instance, broccoli smothered in cheese is healthy because the broccoli is green and trumps the cheese – every time.
  4. Watching football on Thanksgiving actually expends the burned calories from the players onto the viewers.  This is the only sport that provides this provision, except of course Olympic Curling, which expends zero calories anyway.

Now that I’ve explained zero-calorie eating, I can now progress to guilt-free shopping (Black Friday).

Last year I set out ready to shop on Black Friday.  I had my “list” to buy for, and ended up with three great tops, a blazer, and shoes…yea, all for me.  Hey, the economy needs me. Besides, shopping on Black Friday actually expends more calories than watching Curling.

BL CopywritingSo, if you’re a smart shopper like I am, you will know that calling ACS for a quote is also smart shopping.  This month’s smart shopper and winner of the made in Nevada giveaway is Brenda Do.  Brenda is with B L Copywriting and helps businesses generate more revenue from sales and marketing by writing emails, direct mail, etc.  She also offers free tips @ .

Just a side note, this month also is “National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.”  This recognition made me laugh, because depending on where you put the comma you could either have a senior as a pet, or could pet a senior (though your senior might have a problem with both of those).

Ok, enough with the silliness (ok, never).  I was just kidding (kind of) about the eating part.  After all, I’m in insurance – we need you to be healthy to get that life insurance quote (have you called for one lately?).  So, go buy that Tofurkey, with rice cake stuffing and squash for dessert.  Besides, Tofurkey doesn’t need a presidential pardon – but might need extra salt – LOTS of salt…

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Until next month,

No pardon necessary.

“Silly People…Serious About Insurance”