I think today is the day that I am going to snap.  No, never mind, it’s a zipper – can’t snap today; maybe tomorrow.

Maybe I feel like snapping (or zippering) because May is not only National Hamburger Month, but also National Blood Pressure Month.  How can we be sane with two holidays that counter-act each other?  If neither one of those apply to your life (with or without ketchup and heart monitors) then it’s also National Bike and National Salad Month as well.

Speaking of snapping, I get a lot of phone calls from folks who feel that they are going to snap over the new laws regarding Health Care Reform, what it means, and how it will it apply to their lives (notice how I said WILL apply and not MIGHT apply? – there’s a reason for that).

Andy and I are committed to helping you with the transition of the new mandates (or recommitted, since it’s also National Re-commitment Month as well).  I don’t know if that means we accidentally checked into the mental ward AGAIN – because I didn’t see a National Commitment Day – which in reality probably has something to do with bacon or chocolate; both of which I’m good with.

Speaking of commitment, this month’s winner is Jessica Nicely who owns The Stylish Scribe.  The Stylish Scribe is a custom invitation company.  They create coordinating wedding, birthday, baby and party invitations.  So, if you’re looking at a commitment ceremony of some type, you can reach The Stylish Scribe at www.thestylishscribe.com or by calling them at 775-560-1981.

Want to be part of the fun and win this month’s prize?  Just “like” us on Facebook, call for a quote, or refer someone to our agency.  That’s it – super easy.  You don’t even need to be fully committed to enter.

Heck, just email me (grace@acsinsurance.com) that you’re even partially sane and I’ll enter you in the drawing!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

(Who still can’t a Doctor’s note to be committed – yet)