Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. They say that people are superstitious regarding the number 13, which is why there aren’t 13th floors in hotels. However, if you’re staying on the 14th floor, isn’t that the 13th floor anyway? I personally think the fear of 13 has more to do with kids when they become teenagers. I am waaaay more afraid of 13 year olds than I am of a 13th floor.

This month is the month to celebrate the number 13. 13 years ago, Andy decided to open ACS Insurance. Even though he’s been in the insurance industry for 23 years, it must have taken him 10 additional years to decide that he really did want the extra headaches, taxes, and more hours to work in the week.

Here is what would have happened if Andy hadn’t started ACS Insurance:

  1. You wouldn’t be reading this e-blast now, and probably would have something better to do; like work on your career as a nuclear scientist, brain surgeon, or professional dog walker.
  2. I wouldn’t be working here, and would probably be doing something productive like cleaning my hair brush. I don’t know why in the world I clean that thing, instead of springing another $4 and buy one that doesn’t have four years’ worth of hair spray and gels. If you shave your head or do the comb-over, you have no idea what I’m talking about.
  3. Andy would probably be selling flowers at the airport, or become a tour guide in Africa (or the Nevada desert – whichever is closer, since he hates to fly).
  4. You wouldn’t be as informed regarding health insurance, life insurance, and retirement planning as you are right now.
Safe Money Millionaire
Call ACS for a free copy of the Safe Money Millionaire Book

Speaking of retirement planning (you knew this was coming), for the 13th anniversary of ACS Insurance, Andy is doing something really crazy. Andy is giving away 13 books for free on growing wealth in these economically uncertain times because he believes in the message. If you want to get one of the 13 books, just call or email him at: This book is designed for this economy and these hard times, and has a blueprint for keeping and increasing your money. No need to light candles, avoid ladders, or spray paint the black cat (unless the cat is now orange), just email or call Andy.

This month’s e-blast winner is Donna Eisele. Donna recently received a quote and policy from ACS Insurance, and also referred clients to our office (you know the drill, she was entered multiple times!) You too can be as cool as Donna, by liking us on Facebook, referring someone to our agency, or calling for a quote.

Just for fun, I put the number 13 in this e-blast 13 times. Now, how many of you are going back to count? If you did, I have the address for the nearest OCD meeting going on right now.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious about insurance.”

Who really only put 14 in this e-blast. I have OCD, too!