Clint Eastwood starred in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  Depending on your views regarding the new Health Care laws, you might use one of these words to describe it, too.

If you’re a little confused about all of the new laws and regulations…take this quiz (I promise it will be fun)…

1)    Grandfathering means…

  1. Taking your heirs for ice cream
  2. An old clock
  3. A Health Care Reform term

2)   PPACA is…

  1. A member of the Alpaca family, that spits
  2. Need to buy more vowels to understand
  3. A Health Care Reform term

3)   Management Carve-Out is…

  1. Something that probably is seen on the SciFi Channel
  2. Someone who manages something
  3. A Health Care Reform term

4)   Qualified is…

  1. A Nascar Term
  2. A good person
  3. A Health Care Reform term

5)   Tax Credit is…

  1. An oxymoron
  2. Free stuff
  3. A Health Care Reform term

If you have answered “c” to all of the above questions, consider yourself well-versed; or one of the .0013839% of the population that understands the new laws.  If you answered “a” or “b” to any of the questions…we need to talk (even if it’s about grandkids and ice cream!)  Changes in the new laws if not complied with, could end up costing your company in fines and penalties.

That’s it for the serious stuff, now for the fun…

ACS Insurance has a new face in our office…Brent Lyon has joined our team and brings with him a slew, a gaggle, and a boat load of experience in the insurance industry.  Not sure if anyone uses those words anymore, but might become cool, hip or a gas again.  I, personally think Brent sounds like Tom Bodett from the Motel 6 ads… Give Brent a call if you want to discuss insurance, alpacas, or just to ask him to “leave the light on for you.”

We have ANOTHER Made-in-Nevada Basket winner…Vicki Hansen!!!  Vicki is currently working on her MBA and “liked” us on Facebook.  Not that we’re judging or anything, but Vicki found us on Facebook while at school.  Actually it was for a computer class, and she was supposed to be Facebook.  Congratulations Vicki!!

Lastly, we do still have some flags available if you are interested in being Patriotic next week for Flag Day, or for 4th of July next month.  Call or e-mail me if you need details (

Until next month,