Happy (belated) 4th of July!  I truly hope that each of you had a restful 4th of July.  Probably should have sent this e-blast last week prior to the long weekend, but that would’ve made me an over-achiever, and you would’ve received two emails in one month, and I couldn’t have that!

Kind of funny that we’re receiving 95+ degree weather now in Reno, when we had snow a month ago.  And no, absolutely NO ONE is allowed to complain about the “hot!”  I just put my coat away!

Right now in Fairbanks Alaska, the Eskimo Indian “Winter” Olympics are underway.  The contests include the Ear Pull, High Jump and Toe Kicks – not to mention the Blanket Toss.  No Kidding!  I could not make this stuff up!  Well, I probably could, but I would have included the Belly Lint Contest.  Most of us could probably win a Blanket Toss contest with the heat at night!

This month’s Made-In-Nevada basket winner is Erica Muscato.  Erica works for Shafer Equipment; her family’s owned and operated heavy equipment company in Sparks, Nevada.  Erica and the brood at Shafer Equipment are native Nevadans and have been in the heavy equipment business for over 40 years.  If you’re looking for heavy equipment give Erica a call at 775-331-7772, or here’s their website:  www.shaferequipmentco.com.

I am including a “spin” on this month’s drawing for the Made-In-Nevada basket.  You can still be entered by referring someone to ACS, getting a quote, or “liking” us on Facebook…HOWEVER, this month I am adding an additional way to get entered…

Since I love birthdays, and its Andy’s birthday this month…just give him a call and wish him a Happy Birthday and I’ll enter you in the drawing.  No, emails don’t count.  He doesn’t bite (that we, or the humane society knows of) and is generally a really nice guy to talk to (unless we’re out of coffee).

Until next month,