With the New Year here, new responsibilities and the dreaded resolutions are here as well.  I thought that I would share my resolutions with you to help keep me focused on this year’s goals.

Grace’s 2012 Resolutions:

1)    I resolve to eat more fast food.
2)   I resolve to have more unhealthy relationships in my life.
3)   I resolve to spend my money on worthless investments.

I know that they all sound crazy, but that’s the point of this month’s e-blast.  If we spend every year like this past year, undoubtedly we will see an increase in weight – physically, mentally, and financially.

How about this year we make a resolution together to improve our lives?  Now, I can’t monitor your drive-thru patterns, or make sure you hit the gym (I promised my parole officer that I would not stalk anyone this year, as my resolution to him…), but I can give you this…

Three ways ACS Insurance can help with your financial situation this year:

  1. Review your life insurance policy (uh, to make sure the ex isn’t still the beneficiary…would be an ugly mess at your will reading…)
  2. Get you on track for retirement (unless you enjoy pushing those shopping carts, then keep on procrastinating…)
  3. Have an analysis done to get out of debt early (no crystal balls, tarot cards, or rabbits with hats will be used, and it’s free).

Here’s one piece of evidence that ACS Insurance helps mentally… When Evelyn Sandager learned that she had won the monthly prize, she said: “With all of the hard work you did to get my insurance without me going crazy, you need to add therapist to your title – I can’t thank you enough!”  Thanks Evelyn for your kind words!

Is it “out with the old, in with the new”, or “bout with the cold, begins with the flu?”  Either way, make this the best, healthiest year yet…lose the weight where you want to, gain it where you need to…mentally, physically, and financially.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious About Insurance”