In a recent conversation with my nephew, I was discussing going to Napa.  His first response was “Great! I need to get prices on tires.” 

I was referring to the wine country.   I then began to wonder how an auto parts store can offer wine tasting to customers.

I am not much of a car person.  The following is all that I know about cars:

  1. All four wheels should stay on the ground – except for Nascar, then it’s optional.
  2. Paint color is important – so it doesn’t look as dirty when I feel lazy.
  3. When opening the car hood, a systematic “huh” and scratching of the head always ensues.
  4. I do know where the gas goes, but I am thankful that the antifreeze and oil aren’t anywhere near each other, or I would have green goo flowing from my windshield wipers. Referring

Here’s what I know about people:           

  1. Men like to talk about cars (see above, and repeat as needed)
  2. Women don’t like to talk about cars (we like shoes)

Women have lower car insurance rates (lack of road rage, and we can watch a hot jogger without hitting curbs). However, when it comes to health insurance, women have an increase in rates because we go to the doctor “as needed” for regular check-ups, not when the “service engine” light comes on.  This trend does change and men end up having higher rates because a major tune-up was needed due to lack of prevention.

Some of the benefits of health care reform are that preventative services are covered at 100% without even a co-pay.  If you currently have insurance – please take this as a reminder that prevention and detection are important.

If you don’t have health insurance – why not make this part of your start-buckle-up-put-in-drive and get health insurance plan?   Keep your internal engine running well before a major new part is needed.  That way, you will be able to be passed down for many generations – without needing too much gas…although I think that just comes with age, anyway.

This month’s winner is…Shorelle Enoh.  Shorelle won by getting a quote and being put into our drawing.  Shorelle works for one of our clients, Pritchett Eye Care Associates.  You can find information about Pritchette Eyecare through their website:

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To have some fun with this month’s drawing – if you let me know that you had some type of preventative done (you, not your car) I will enter your name into the drawing as well.  WARNING LIGHT: Honor System here – I don’t need specifics, receipts, or a call from your doctor; and I certainly don’t want to know about blown fuses or fading gaskets!  Just an email, on Facebook, or a call will be just fine.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious About Insurance”
Grace (Porsche girl, in a sedan body)