There are times that we don’t pay the utmost attention to things; like paying the water bill, our kids’ ramblings about zombies on xbox, or the dogs barking next door…but do we really need a month to celebrate what we’re not aware of?

December is National Awareness Month of Awareness.  This is from the AFPAT (American Foundation for Paying Attention to Things).  Just when you thought that this month couldn’t get any more crammed with holidays and reminders!  If we’re not aware of it, do we care?  On AFPAT’s website there is only one archived entry from November, 2009.  THEY even forgot to be aware of their own National Month in December – and subsequent Decembers I might add…

Of course, since it is GATOSCAM (Grace’s Awareness That Only She Cares About Month), I wanted to make you aware of all the cool stuff going on at ACS Insurance…

highrollincustomsFirst…this month’s winner is Adam Benge with Hi Rollin Customs.  Adams Hi Rollin Customs specializes in street and off-road performance vehicles.  You can call Adam at (775) 331-7070 or visit their website at:

Next awareness, if you’re already not aware… is how to get cool things like Adam.  Just “like” us on Facebook, get a quote, or refer someone to ACS.

In the Insurance Awareness Bin is information regarding retirement planning…did you know that:

  • 36% of Americans say that they don’t contribute
    anything to retirement savings.
  • A staggering 43% of Americans have less
    than $10,000 saved up for retirement.
  •  That 85% of all statistics are made-up on the spot?  (Except for the above, and anything from politicians, of course!)

For 2012, make a resolution to be aware of your own retirement and call ACS insurance to get started!

Now that you are formally, painfully, and blissfully aware, hope you have a happy and safe holiday filled with running water, zombie slayers, and quiet dogs.

“Silly People…Serious About Insurance”