This month I thought it would be important to write about Gambling and Exchanges.  You might think that I am talking about casinos, money exchanges, chess exchanges, or the department store type of exchanges (which is very important if literally the shoe doesn’t fit).

The Exchange to which I am referring has to do with Health Care Reform. The Gambling I am referring to is in regards to which plan is going to be best for you, whether inside or outside of the Exchange.

Now, I was born in Reno.  Having Nevada as my home state, it’s not unusual to have talks of gambling, odds, statistics, and plain “what ifs.”  I have never felt like more of a gambler than the last three years since health care reform’s implementation.  Since health care reform has been changing constantly, there is a bit of gambling pre and post January 1, 2014 (when the law is fully implemented) as to which plans or markets are going to be best for our clients.

I also thought it would be important to clarify the role and function of the Exchange, and how it would apply to you.

The Exchange is another marketplace that is set to open October 1, 2013 for an effective date beginning January 1, 2014.  If your income is within 400% of the federal poverty level, you could qualify for a government subsidy and this might be a good avenue to save on premiums.  Not all plans or carriers will be on the Exchange. Basically, the Exchange is just another avenue for ACS Insurance to shop for rates and plans for you.  It’s important to know that you do not have to use the Exchange.

There is a lot of information regarding the Exchanges, rules, regulations, laws, implementations, bacon farming (no bacon, just making sure I’ve still got your attention).  The good thing is that ACS Insurance speaks fluent Health Care Reform.

Here’s how we know that gambling and health care reform go together:

1)    It is costing more than what we initially thought it would

2)   It isn’t fun anymore (good thing we still love our jobs and think its fun!)

3)   Coping with urges to go back and have a do-over

4)   Looking for a lucky rabbit’s foot

This month’s winner is Barb Sanner.  Barb won by referring her son to ACS Insurance.  How about those odds of winning for her?  Pretty good!  Thanks Barb!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who chooses not to put her money into the casinos; but is happy that there are others who do!