If life were meant to be easy, it would be called cake.

It should be enjoyed, savored and enjoyed, one bite at a time. It’s pretty interesting that I would use cake as an analogy because I don’t even like cake. Now, if I said brownies, or ice cream for that matter, I would say it needs to be enjoyed at one sitting, all at once, and hopefully the tongue will get to taste at least a part in the wolfing-down process.

All this talk about cake and ice cream reminds me (or you) that it’s my birth-month. Since my birthday falls in the middle of the month, I get the whole month to celebrate.

I was raised to be a positive-thinker which is humorous that I work in the insurance world and constantly talk about “what if” and potential risks. However, I was also raised to be a realist. If I had a crystal ball for every time that insurance was needed, it would be purchased the day before, and I would also be a wealthy woman. However, since my crystal ball is broken, I don’t own tarot cards, or have any psychic ability (except of course when it comes to knowing where my kids have been) – insurance is called “risk” for a reason.

So, the moral of this story is that it’s my birth month. No, wait – I’m paid to talk about insurance. Don’t wait until the moment has passed (or you have passed…) before you call us to get the life and health insurance going. I am also practicing what I preach and getting life insurance for myself that I can use as retirement so that I don’t rely on my kids. My psychic ability tells me that they don’t want to fund Mom’s medication, electric bill, or possibly massages by Sven.

Until next month,
“Silly People…Serious about insurance.”

Madame Grace
(Who is making sure “Madame” has an “e” on the end, as living in Nevada, without the “e” could be awwwwkward).