Since writing last month’s e-blast, I would like to know how many of you actually googled the Alaska Winter Olympics and the Ear Pulling Contests?  I have actually had quite a few questions regarding those contests.  If you’re really diligent in your work ethic and haven’t looked them up yet, I will tell you the reason that they have those contests are to prepare the Eskimos for hunting and whaling season. In essence, to pull pups out of ice holes…the rest is too much of a visual for me, so we’ll leave it at that.  I don’t need any more mental scarring.

For those of you that called Andy last month to wish him a Happy Birthday, THANK YOU!  Not only were you entered into our monthly drawing, but I get employee brownie points, too. J  However, only one can win, and this month’s winner is: Megan F.  Megan is remaining anonymous this month, which you can too.  I can tell you that she was entered into the drawing by getting AND receiving a life insurance quote.

Now…on to the REALLY good stuff – since we celebrated Andy’s birthday last month, a more important one is this month…MINE.  Facts about August babies are that it is the only month without a holiday (unless you count Celery, Fennel and Cactus Month) and the month with the most births (I won’t go into “why” because that’s a whole other visual like the Alaska Olympics).  You can google that one, if needed, as well.

For MY birthday…oops, I mean birthMONTH (shouldn’t be cornered into just one day), for every quote or referral that comes through this month, if Happy Birthday is attached anywhere in conversation or email, I will enter your name TWICE in the Made in Nevada Basket contest.

If you haven’t contacted us for rates on health and life insurance yet – give us a shot – you’d be surprised at how little life insurance can cost, and how much we might be able to save you on health insurance.  Last month we saved a client 25% from their current plan!  And, you can remain anonymous like Megan F., too! J

Until next month,