It’s spring!  Spring is a great time to get personal stuff in order.  Time to dust off the outside furniture, put the yard together and pull a few weeds.  With the weather we have had this winter, I know I’m not the only with one with more than my fair share of weeds.  I have found that weeding my yard is actually therapeutic and gets me to slow down and clear my mind.  Gives me a bit of peace as well.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the physical things that we need to do – sometimes it can be things that we are putting off…like getting the oil changed in the car, or making sure that all of our insurances are up to date.  Not just that the policies are paid, but that you have the appropriate coverage in place for your needs.

So since we’re talking about weeds…we have to talk about planting seeds…and here’s mine:  May is Disability Awareness Month.  Not that it takes a special month to get us thinking about a “what if” – but what if you were disabled? Maybe through an unfortunate accident or disease (like any accident is fortunate…haha!).

A new survey says that the average American has less than $1,000 in savings.  $1,000 doesn’t take you very far if you become disabled when you suddenly lose your paycheck – either temporarily or permanently.

Already have a disability policy?  Maybe it’s time to look at a cancer plan, accident, or hospitalization plan.

While I am not going to pull weeds for you, or take your car to the shop, I can help secure your paycheck. Give yourself a little peace of mind should you teeter a little too far on the top rung of a ladder or trip over your own rake (which I have done both this past week).  Glad I am covered.


 Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who sometimes likes pulling weeds more than planting seeds.