The month of March celebrates National Potato Chip Day. Who knew that an angry customer complaining of soggy potatoes would incite a chef to make potatoes super thin and crispy – just to irritate the patron even further? This incident allowed the potato chip to be born in 1850 – and is also the bestselling snack WORLDWIDE!
Of course the offshoot to the potato chip only took 130 more years to discover – The Chip Clip. It’s one of those inventions that is rarely used for its original purpose – after all, aren’t we SUPPOSED to eat the whole bag at one sitting?? The Chip Clip is a useful invention as it usually holds a child’s artwork, coupons or concert tickets on the refrigerator door.
The Chip Clip is sort of like football helmets. The football helmet was created 30 years after the game itself was invented. I guess it took conversation with a bunch of drooling guys with slurred speech before someone thought about a solution.
Health Insurance was created almost 100 years ago, just in case you eat too many potato chips or happen to play football. Make sure to contact us so you have the appropriate health insurance in place.
We also write life insurance in case you really, really, really like potato chips or decided to take up football’s brother…rugby.
Until next month,
Who had a parakeet named “Chip” – because he was the only chip I wanted on my shoulder!