Aaaahhhh…the blessing and the curse of turning another year older. Usually after the age of 39 we stop counting birthdays. Could be that we just forget how old we are – or since the abacus isn’t close by, it’s too much math to do in our head.
Latest information is that folks are living longer.
Good news is that we GET to spend more precious time with those we love. Down side is that we HAVE to spend more time with those that are in the same gene pool.
Depending on which side of the aisle you are on, the biggest issue is relying on a family member to take care of you in your aging years (insert visual of your children now changing YOUR diaper).
There is now a strain on the Medicaid system for care of the elderly – which was not anticipated to rise when it was formed in 1965. Average life expectancy in 1965 was 70 years old – in 2016 it is anticipated to be 79 – and is anticipated to increase to 86 within 30 years!
What are the ways to enjoy a long life? No, I’m not going to talk about eating well and exercising – since I know that you’re already doing that (wink, wink)… The best solution is to plan for retirement, stay healthy and spend your kids’ inheritance (and don’t show THEM this eblast…make them think they’re getting it all!).
Unfortunately, we do get sick, are disabled and have to live in long term care facilities. This is where ACS Insurances comes in – we have long term care policies that will take the burden off the family members (unless you don’t like them – then don’t show THEM this eblast) – let them think that you’ve enrolled in a Long Term Care plan.
I’m not sure how the 50s look from this vantage point (yet) but Andy sure is knowing it – he turns 50 on July 20th. Call or email Andy for a Long Term Care or retirement questions – he has a wealth of information and is eager to share!
'If I don't do my homework I'll get bad grades- I'll never get a job and won't be able to pay for your long term care. You do the maths.'

‘If I don’t do my homework I’ll get bad grades- I’ll never get a job and won’t be able to pay for your long term care. You do the math.’

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“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
Who turns 50 in August!