Warning: Adult Content. Reader discretion is advised. Usually when I see that in the headline, I quickly scroll past so that I am not laden with nightmares for weeks.
Warning: Uncomfortable Content. Reader warned that random ramblings could ensue.
My last writing was about Disability Insurance and the need for your paycheck to be secure in case of injury or illness. This month I want to take it a little further…what if the disability turned into a Long Term Care need?
I did some research on the subject of Long Term Care. Giggled a bit that my favorite website, Pinterest had an array of topics and memes on the subject.
Warning: Grace is going on a rant… Pinterest is usually “My Happy Place” where I go to get inspired and find new projects, ideas and useless things that I never knew that I couldn’t live without. Case in point – the bottle cutter I bought when insomnia kicked in last year (double bonus – I have Amazon Prime and got it in 2 days!). Fast forward to today and I have advanced to a new wet tile saw and full blown candle making (bottle cutter is now in a dusty drawer somewhere)….all thanks to Pinterest.
Warning: Back on topic: Here’s the point – if Pinterest knows that there is a need to talk about Long Term Care, then shouldn’t we? If you are not 100% certain that your kids will love changing your diapers when you’re older (Warning: THAT was a visual!) or that your LTC facility is not on the “list” of Worst LTC facilities in the nation, then we need to talk.
Warning: You could end up at one of those facilities if you don’t have the right type of Long Term Care insurance (or any as a matter of fact).
Give our offices a call and let us show you how affordable Long Term Care insurance can be. Or, I will even brag about my newest project (my yard).
Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
Warning: Pinterest is just a diversion for housework.