Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m old; actually my children are the first to admit I’m old. I’m just aging. Aging MEfully, I should say since I don’t know if a Grace can age gracefully. That would just be me being me.

So, in me being me, I’m going to admit that I have been behind in getting my eblasts to you of which I feel bad. I can blame it on busyness, forgetfulness or the fact that Joey Chestnut didn’t win the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest this year. Actually, it has nothing to do with Joey, just wanted to put it somewhere else other than me; and to be honest, a guy who eats wieners for a living is a great target.

Since I’m on the topic of aging, I wanted to let you know that among all of the great products and services that ACS Insurance offers, we now offer Medicare Supplement plans! So, when you get to the age of needing Medicare, be sure to give us a call to review all of your options. We’re there for you from birth to…well, re-birth.

Since I’m admitting stuff this month, it’s Andy’s birthday on the 20th. If you email him or post on our Facebook a Happy Birthday message I’ll enter you in our monthly drawing. I want Andy to be reminded that he’s getting older, too.

Until next month, Grace
(who really loves Dodger Dogs!)