Since Open Enrollment officially ended on January 31, 2016, the insurance brokers of the world breathed a heavy sigh of relief and can finally get some rest (it’s sort of our tax season, wedding season, and back to school shopping all rolled in one).

We braved the elements, pharmaceutical issues and subsides but in the end was all worth it for our clients.  Super hero-types, but without the cape.

So, instead of taking a long holiday and putting our feet up, we are now joining the rest of the brokers and celebrating Sleeping in Public Day. If you have been reading my eblasts for a while, you know that I can dig deep for these goofy holidays.

Should you walk by someone sleeping on a park bench, in the library, a car or a back alley, don’t naturally assume that they are homeless.  It is safe to say that they’re insurance brokers who once again survived another Open Enrollment.

Sleeping in Public Day is an actual celebrated event. This one in particular is celebrated always on February 28th, however since it’s a leap year, you could probably drag it out until the 29th and no one would ever know that you extended it a day.

If you have any particular issues with Sleeping in Public Day, then you should probably celebrate the Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day (February 11th).  However, since you are reading this past the 11th, you missed it and now can celebrate Be Humble Day.


If you happened to have missed Open Enrollment for an individual plan – there are still some options available and we would be happy to help.  Just give our office a call – we are here for you!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who wishes you a Happy Ground Valentine’s Card Reading Tennis Day!

(just a few we missed)