As a small distraction from the cooking, shopping, and overeating, here are some fun “revised” Christmas/Holiday songs to make you smile a little.
• Walking In An Insurance Wonderland
• I’m Dreaming of Open Enrollment
• I Saw Mommy Kissing Her Insurance Broker
• Baby It’s Insurance Time
• Frosty, the Repeal, Replace, Repair Snowman
• Jingle Claims
• Little Deductible Boy
• All I Want For Christmas Is Low Premiums
• New Mandates Are Coming to Town (this one has a new version every month!)
Our offices will be closed on:
Monday, December 25 & Tuesday December 26
(to spread cheer and recover from the food coma)
Monday, January 1 & Tuesday January 2
(to reactivate our gym memberships)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Andy, Grace and Steve