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Monthly Newsletter – March 2015

Happy Birthday! In a few days you will be 5 years old! In the moments since your birth, we have watched you grow from an infant with defined “needs and wants” to a small child learning to walk and have a voice.

It hasn’t been an easy five years. You have had a few growing pains, some temper tantrums and occasional bursts of joy these past few years.

We have watched with excitement and anticipation for your “next steps.” As with any person watching a child grow, we look forward to the future and what you can accomplish.

March 23, 2015 marks the 5th birthday of the signing for President Obama’s health care reform law. With anything new there are good and bad; not to mention adjustments and changes for everyone.

One of these new adjustments is another open enrollment period. If you didn’t have insurance last year – and were unaware of the fine that you received when filing your taxes, you have an opportunity to get enrolled. Through April 30th, give our office a call and we would be happy to get you insurance.

This month’s winner is…Anette Colcock. Anette is a long standing client with ACS Insurance and was thrilled to hear about winning Made in Nevada prizes!
Anette and her husband Rick own Remote Slate LLC which helps companies identify their processes to systematize with current technology (getting rid of paper forms and replace with smart phones or tablets). You can reach them at 775-393-9123 or email: techpro@remoteslate.com.

Want to get in on all the fun and win prizes? Just “like” our page on Facebook, call for a quote, or refer a friend! That’s what Anette did – and now she’s got the cool prizes!

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who loves birthdays, but realizes sometimes “get well soon” is appropriate as well.

Monthly Newsletter – February 2015

Since the individual open enrollment season is coming to a close on February 15th, I thought I would let you know that we are still “silly people, serious about insurance.

Working long hours during this time hasn’t lessened our need to find humor in the little things, such as enrollments on the Exchange.

Here are just a few real stories that happened this year.  I am not disclosing who said what, as I’m sure that Hipaa violations could be included somewhere.  If one of these quotes is from you, just know that mental health is a covered benefit.
On security questions:

What was your favorite childhood toy?  My client answered: “matches.”  But then immediately let me know that as an adult he has upgraded to lighters. What is your favorite cuisine?  The most popular answer?  Beer.

On Medicaid questions:

Do you need help with daily activities, such as dressing?  The wife responded: “Absolutely he does!  Have you seen what he’s wearing today?”  She then went on to tell me that they needed to have an adult version of Garanimals so that her husband could match the shirt to the pants.
On insurability questions:

Are you currently incarcerated, detained or jailed?  Answer:  “I think I already answered that I am married.”

These are just a few of the things that made us smile during the enrollment process.  The other things that made us smile was the ability to get a lot of folks insured, who otherwise didn’t have insurance, were confused over the process, or needed guidance on choosing a plan.

There’s still time to get you enrolled if you haven’t already.  Just call our office for an appointment.

This month’s Made In Nevada winner is…Caroline Mathes!  Caroline not only referred someone to ACS insurance, but also does business with our agency!  Caroline is an amazing Realtor, and was excited to hear of her winning!  You can reach Caroline by contacting:


Caroline Mathes,

NVLifeStyle Realtor*
HomeGate Realty of Nevada
1955 Baring Blvd.
Sparks, NV  89434
If you would like to be included in our monthly drawing, all you need to do is “like” us on Facebook, refer a friend (like Caroline did), or call for a quote.

Here’s your NV Lifestyle Realtor – Caroline! 🙂


Monthly Newsletter – January 2015

Good news! We’re all living longer. Now the bad news: we’re all living longer.

We get more time to enjoy hobbies, grandkids, endless buffets and 24 hour weather channels.

The bad news is that most of us don’t plan for living longer. We only plan what we know – that we’re healthy, have an active lifestyle and live a comfortable life.

I recently had a conversation with a friend regarding life insurance. She said that she was afraid to get life insurance because then she would die. I didn’t want to break the news to her that it is true, she will die. We all will. That’s just reality.

The difference between fear and reality is whether you are going to die with our without taking care of your family. With or without burdening them with your mortgage, funeral expenses or caring for young children. Even if you live after something happens, the likelihood of having a disability or needing long term care increases.

Since January brings new resolutions, make this the year to take care of YOU and your family. My family is taken care of – now my only resolution is to figure out how to grow orchids-without moving to Hawaii.

For those of you new to my eblasts, I have monthly Made-in-Nevada drawings for cool prizes by our sponsors. You can qualify for these drawings by: 1) liking us on Facebook, 2) referring someone to ACS Insurance or 3) calling for a quote or 4) emailing me what your New Year’s Resolution is (or help me to figure out that orchid thing)!

We have a new Made in Nevada sponsor! The Stylish Scribe is a local invitation company featuring custom designs for any occasion. You can stop by their fun loft studio to browse all of their paper options to create that perfect one-of-a-kind invitation. They have invitations for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, business stationery and so much more!

Monthly Newsletter – August 2014

Sometimes it’s cool to share some of the feedback I receive from our clients in regards to their health insurance.

Not to worry, I’m not going to reveal names, test results or where the doctor advised that they put that thing.

“Mike” (just a generic name, not implicating anyone specifically) just received his Explanation of Benefits summary from his unexpected heart attack. Like any of us would expect or plan for a heart attack, right?

The charges from the hospital, doctor, anesthesiologist and candy striper (gum can be expensive), was well over $100,000.

While I do talk frequently about plan benefits, I didn’t expect his next response which was “that’s a pretty good deal that I only have to pay $8,000 out of a $100,000 invoice!”

Mike understood the value of insurance, that it is there when we need it. I also explained what the different amounts meant to his maximum out of pocket.

We never plan for things like heart attacks, or cancer. As you can see by the below photo, we were celebrating dual birthdays (Andy is much, much older than me by 3 weeks); his in July and mine in August.

If you hadn’t noticed the Band-Aid on my nose, I had skin cancer removed the week prior to my birthday. I didn’t plan on skin cancer. (Well, maybe I did as I was a teenager roaming around Lake Tahoe without sunscreen). But I do appreciate the value of insurance, not just because I work in the industry, but because “we never know” when it will happen or affect us.










As we are moving into the open enrollment season, your health insurance might be renewing, you might have questions or just don’t understand it. That’s where we come in, and we speak fluent Obamacare (though not any other languages, unless Sarcasm and Pig Latin are considered languages).

Give our office a call – we would love to help!

Until Next month,




Who didn’t cut off her nose to spit her face




Monthly Newsletter – June 2014

It’s June. If you have been reading my eblasts for a while, you know that I occasionally will write about Wacky National Holidays.

It’s funny how all of the wacky holidays coincide with insurance (I get paid to talk about that subject, otherwise we would talk about marmots, jewelry, or how my son doesn’t put the dishes in the dishwasher).

Here are some of June’s Holidays, and the (subliminal) true meaning to the holidays:

June 1st is National Flip a Coin Day (…or National What Day Does Open Enrollment Actually End? Or Begin?)

June 3rd is National Repeat Day. June 3rd is National Repeat Day. (…nothing to do with insurance, just thought I would throw that in…you can repeat that if you want – and I guess I didn’t get paid for that line).

June 13th is National Blame Someone Else Day. (…or National Politics Day)

And my favorite…

June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day (I did not make that one up!)

Since you’re probably reading this prior to June 28th, you can celebrate this day by calling your favorite insurance agent (me) and get that health or life insurance policy updated.

Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”




I am my favorite agent, too!


Monthly Newsletter – May 2014

Sometimes life can leave you unprepared or uninsured.

At that point, we usually hear “I should have called you sooner!”I thought I would pass along this short, simple checklist of when to call ACS Insurance:


  • Unless You Want to Live with Your Grown Children
  • Unless You Are a Kazillionaire
  • Unless You Have Met All of Your Financial Goals
  • Unless You Don’t Plan on Dying in This Lifetime
  • Unless You are a Zombie

That’s it. Simple list. If you don’t fit the above criteria, please call our office so that you can be prepared.
Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Monthly Newsletter – April 2014

It’s story time.  It has probably been years since you have heard a good story, so today’s the day.  Blankies and warm milk are optional.Once upon a time there was a grown man named Jack who lived with his mom (story does not say if he lived in the basement or not, but we’ll assume that he did).Mom did not plan for retirement and only had a cow as an asset, which she gave to her son Jack to sell.  Jack, being a poor planner, traded the cow for five “magical” beans that were promised to make a giant beanstalk.  In 2014 speak, we’ll say that these are magical “beans stocks.” 

Mom got frustrated with Jack and threw the beans out the window, which they did in fact grow into a beanstalk.  (Fun fact…beans thrown out a window just become dried beans. On the ground.)

Jack, who gave into instant gratification, decided that it would be a good idea to climb the beanstalk, without accident insurance.  Jack climbed to the top of the beanstalk and ended up in a village in the clouds (don’t try this at home, kids).

Once at the top of the beanstalk, Jack went to an Ogre’s house (which is really called “breaking and entering”).  Jack decided to hide from the Ogre in an oven.  (Again, Jack’s not very bright, and did not have disability insurance for the endless possibilities here.)

Because of Jack and his mom’s poor financial planning, Jack relented to thievery and stole the golden goose that laid the golden eggs from the Ogre.

The worst part of this story is that the Ogre did not have his golden eggs nor the golden goose insured.  He also suffered a terrible fall.  His wife did not have the Ogre insured, so she ended up living with her children (my story, my ending).

The End.

The moral of this story is:  Don’t put all of your golden eggs in one basket, and make sure that ACS Insurance helps with all of your insurance needs.

 Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”


Disclaimer: The above story is fictional, and not based on real characters.  No one was harmed in this story, except the goose who went to live at KFC’s “Retirement” Farm.

Monthly Newsletter – March 2014

There have been some very exciting things happening at ACS Insurance this month

The first is that I had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC with some fellow insurance agents to descend upon Capitol Hill and discuss the changes to the Affordable Care Act and its affects on you, our clients.

While we are still in the process of sorting through all of (constant) changes, just know that ACS Insurance is keeping up with the changes and is here to help you.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding Obamacare and what it means to you, feel free to give me a call.  There are still some options for open enrollment.

We also have a new member on our crew.  Her name is Henrietta, or more affectionately known at “Etta.”  It is interesting to note that when someone has a lengthy name, it gets shortened into a cuter name.  However, if you have only five letters in your name (such as mine), you don’t get the option of a shorter name.  Andrew is Andy.  Henrietta is Etta.  Grace is just Grace.

Etta - the newest "Silly People, Serious About Insurance."

 Etta – our newest “Silly Person, Serious About Insurance.”

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”


Evidently, I can shorten my name, which is now super cool!

Monthly Newsletter – January 2014

It’s that time of year again where everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s interesting to note that the majority of New Year’s resolutions have to do with health and money.  It’s not a coincidence that both of those are loosely (and sometimes tightly tied together).

I thought that I would visit some of the monthly nationally recognized holidays since I haven’t done that in awhile.

January is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (that is if you live in an area with snow).

Prior to hitting the slopes, make sure that you have your medical insurance in place.  If you are learning to ski or snowboard without snow then I would advise having your life insurance in place as well.

I guess if you don’t live in an area with snow, it would be National Learn to Surf and Consume Fruity Drinks Month.

Now, if skiing or snowboarding is a bit too risky for your blood (or your deductible) then it’s also World Hypnotism Day, which you could partake in prior to hitting the slopes and probably ski like an Olympian.   You might not remember that triple axel jump, but at least someone would have a great video to show of you on YouTube (or to give to the ski patrol when you’re stuck in that tree).

World Hypnotism Day might also be good for those whose behavior on New Year’s might be questionable – would be a good excuse, anyway.

It’s not a coincidence that ACS Insurance can help you with your health and life insurance…just not the hypnotism part.

This month’s winner is George Higgins.  George is a client of ACS Insurance and just recently added additional products to his portfolio.

You can be entered into our drawing as well; all you need to do is refer someone to our agency, call for a quote, or “like” us on Facebook. (I could keep repeating this, but I don’t think hypnotism works via email).

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

It’s also No Name Calling Week, which is something that evidently the NFL didn’t know about prior to last week’s games.

Monthly Newsletter – December, 2013

By now, I am sure that you know about the new health care laws which are being implemented beginning January 1, 2014.  And, I’m also sure that you have heard about the problems that some folks are having logging onto the government websites.

It would not be me unless I had a little fun with this current situation.  Since its Christmastime, we are hearing a non-ending display of Christmas songs, carols and noels.

However, since it is also the year of Health Care Reform, I thought I would share with you the most popular Obamacare songs of the 2013 season:

1)    All I want for Christmas is these Two Months Back

2)   Here Comes Obamacare,

3)   Frosty, (the Exchange Freeze IT Man)

4)   Dashing Through The Portals (a mystical song)

5)   Jolly Old Saint Xerox

6)   I saw mommy kissing her broker (who finally got her enrolled)

7)   Obamacare is Coming to Town

8)   It’s Beginning to Look a lot like 2014

9)    Blue Christmas (enough said)

10)  Silent Website

11)   Nuttin’ for Christmas

12)  Walking in a Website Wonderland

This of course is all in fun; there are good things that have come about as a result of the health care law as some folks are able to get enrolled.  If you’re having problems logging in, or have questions, give us a call, as we are licensed on and off the Exchange, and have solutions!

From ACS Insurance, we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We are very grateful to have you in our lives!

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who is very grateful that you read down this far on the page! 🙂