I have always considered myself a fairly good test taker. I love puzzles and crosswords and always up for a challenge. However, one test that I seem to fail over and over is the “I am not a robot” test on websites.
Maybe because I tend to overthink things.
On a recent “robot test” I had to mark the squares which showed a street sign. I marked almost all of the squares because the pole that holds the sign is also the street sign. Which by the way was wrong. (I’m sure that the Planning Department thinks the poles are part of signs as well).
Since I failed that one, I then get another test that shows cars – and I am to mark the cars in the squares. Well, if part of the antennae is in another square…you guessed it…I mark it. While I can appreciate the need for security, it can be frustrating to work with technology.
You know who are NOT robots? The folks at ACS Insurance that’s who. When you call our offices, we won’t ask you to find the cheese in the maze or even make you one of Pavlov’s dogs. What we will do is give you superior customer service and attention!
We are also excited to announce a new member of our team: Steve Perwein! If the last name is familiar – yes – it is a chip off the old block. Andy’s son came to work with us and just got his health and life license. Woohoo! Another non-robot! (Did you also realize that I got to call Andy ‘old’?)
The moral of this story is that when you are looking for insurance – check us out first! That way, you know you are dealing with a real person and not just a number, or a robot on a website.
Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
Who realizes that I am now outnumbered in the office, but am the same age as Andy.