One of my favorite cartoon characters is Pepe Le Pew.  Always the eternal optimist when it comes to love. As Pepe would say, love is in the air.  But as Grace would say, so is the Zika virus.

Sometimes it is difficult to decipher the difference between Love and Zika.  They both make you break out in sweat, can cause pain and the occasional eye strain.

Here’s what I’ve surmised as the “dating through the ages” questions:

In the 20s:  “What’s your favorite color???  Movie???”

In the 30s:  “What kind of house do you want???  Dogs or cats???”

In the 40s: “How is your 401K??? Retirement plan???”

In the 50s and beyond: “What’s your credit score??? Who is your life insurance beneficiary???  Do you have all your own teeth???”

Unfortunately, most times we don’t think of retirement or life insurance until we are more mature and begin to realize how we want to spend our golden years.

Hopefully you’ve got a good grasp on your financial future; you saved where you needed and have a life insurance policy.

If you don’t, or if you want us take a second look, give us a call.

Since next month is September – it’s also Life Insurance Awareness Month.  We want to make sure that your life insurance is as good as your love life.

Even though we can’t help with your love life, we can help with your life insurance and retirement planning needs.


Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”


Who has asked all of the above questions a time…or two…