My Crystal Ball is broken.  I checked the batteries, downloaded the latest version of the app, and even took it to the shop for repair.  No one could seem to understand why it wasn’t letting me know the future of the ACA.

For specifics, the ACA has now been named “AHCA” because we all can’t agree on everything (or at times, anything).  AHCA stands for the American Health Care Act.  I think that pronouncing AHCA sounds like I am ready to sneeze and a “Bless You” will ensue “AHCA-Chooooo”.  Bless you.

This is truly the most asked question:  “What’s going to happen to Obamacare?”  This is where I refer back to my broken Crystal Ball.  No one knows.  As of today, the ACA/Obamacare/Your Plan are remaining intact and is still law of the land…well, until it isn’t – truly is that easy.  Right now anyway.

Maybe I should look into my Lava Lamp instead of the Crystal Ball.  At least my Lava Lamp is more accurate with bubbles that burst, stretches and never ending ups and downs.

I have to apologize for missing several months of sending out newsletters.  Truth is that life sometimes gets in the way (weddings, funerals, kitchen remodels and most importantly, Open Enrollment).  It wasn’t until a close friend and colleague told me that my newsletters were missed in her inbox.  Sometimes it takes a little nudge (…or nag…you choose the wording) to get us back on the right track.

Maybe all my Crystal Ball needs is a little nudge, too.


 Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who will forever miss my friend’s replies to every eblast.