This month’s E-Blast is particularly exciting for me.  And since it’s all about me anyway, you should enjoy this as well.

ACS Insurance has teamed up with the Veterans Guest House of Reno and are working on a community project, which allows you to help our veterans, and not only feel good about it, but you get something cool in return (and let’s face it, it’s always great to give AND get stuff).

Here’s the deal:  If you donate an item to the Veterans Guest House and drop it off at our office, we will GIVE you an awesome American Flag for your efforts.  These aren’t just the ordinary small desk flags, but they’re the classroom-sized ones.  Since Flag Day is coming up on June 14th it will be a great way to display your patriotism.

Here’s the link for needed donated items:

Since starting the monthly Made-in-Nevada basket drawings, many of you have stated that you don’t do Facebook; so, if you drop off a donation, I will also enter you in that drawing as well.  If you have Facebook, you can still “like” us for an extra entry (you just knew I would throw that in somewhere, right?)  You can also call for a quote or refer someone to our agency to get entered, too.

So here’s the part Andy made me put in:  Supplies are limited to stock on hand, only one flag per household, blah, blah, blah.  I guess he doesn’t want to sell the farm to keep up with flag demand.  Even if he truly had a farm to sell, I wouldn’t have a job, you wouldn’t get e-blasts, and I’m sure that global warming would be affected somehow, so I’ll honor his wish and put in this disclaimer.   And, he thinks it’s about him – I guess he needs to re-read the first line that it’s about me.

Speaking of Made in Nevada basket Winners:  This month’s winner is Diane Bigby.  Diane is a long-time client of ACS Insurance and is with Bigby and Associates.  If you’re in need of a good land surveyor, give them a call at 775-851-0432.  Maybe I should have Andy call them, since he might own that farm after all!

Once again, thank you for reading this e-blast; I hope it made you smile and reflect on our veterans who rely on us for their support.  Let’s make it about them.

Until next month,
Me (still all about)