Finally March is here which brings not only the first day of spring, and Daylight Savings, but did you also know that it is Employee Spirit Month?

I don’t know if Employee Spirit Month means we can only be enthusiastic about our jobs for 31 days/year, and have to be grumpy the other 334?  Probably should be Employee Spirit Year.  I don’t think that we want to over-think any other types of ‘spirits’ that could invade the workplace, either.

In honor of daylight savings, I delayed sending this E-Blast by one hour.

Speaking of savings, did you know that more than 43% have less than $10K saved for retirement?  Did you also know that Andy can help you if you aren’t one of the lucky 57%?  And no, it’s never too late! Or too early!

Did you also know that Andy’s middle name is Leo?  Has nothing to do with daylight savings, just some trivia.

You can help me to win the Employee Spirit Month award by “liking” us on Facebook, calling for a quote, or referring someone to our agency.

Not quite sure what my “award” will be if I get a lot of people entered into the drawing, but I know that I will be able to sleep a whole lot better at night…especially since I gained that extra hour of sleep (the ONLY place I want to GAIN anything!!)

If any of the above happens once or even many times (other than the gaining), I will enter your name in the drawing for a Made in Nevada Basket.

We had a lot of entries this month but ultimately there can only be one winner, who was Lance Bruntz.  Lance is an orthodontist with Orthodontic Partners (  You can reach Orthodontic Partners at (775) 825-4804 or toll free at (866) 499-4804.  If you’d like to see a picture of Lance with his new basket – and his winning smile – you can see it by going to our website ( or by on our Facebook page.

Happy spring and congratulations to Lance!!
a.k.a. Spirited Employee