Hello!  This is Grace – Andy was kind enough to let me run this month’s e-Blast, so I thought I would say a thing or two (heck, I’m a woman, always have something to say!)

When thinking of the month of February, most would agree that the top events in February are:  Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Sunday, and Valentine’s Day.

However, most do not think of the month of February as National Avocado and Banana Month, or the Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month (but eek! Only adopt one unless you’ve got plenty of room!)

Two celebrations that are particularly fun this month are the International Boost Self-Esteem Month and International Expect Success Month, both of which I would hope for everyone who reads this E-Blast!  

Our very first E-Blast winner of the “Made in Nevada” basket was Ron Cobb with Commercial Partners of Nevada.  When told of his win, Ron stated “I have never won anything in my life!” – I think we definitely increased his self esteem!

As for Ron’s success, he is in commercial real estate services – you can reach Ron at 775-329-4000 or via e-mail:  ron@commercialpartnersnv.com.

Check out Ron’s winning basket – here’s the link:


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To success and self esteem!    Grace