It’s been a while since I have written about silly holidays. This month I thought I would incorporate a silly holiday along with a true Pioneer. Had not been for her, I probably wouldn’t have a job, you wouldn’t have near the influences you do, or maybe we would have something better to do with our time.

The Pioneer’s name is Emma M Nutt and she is honored in September as the first telephone operator (in 1878 no less – and worked for 33 years at a job she loved). She was probably glad that her first name wasn’t Imma.

Who knew that telephones would become a computer, a personal assistant and an extension of us? Without them, we would probably have more play time and less time looking at the latest cat video (my favorite). We wouldn’t know how to find that odd person in high school that we never associated with, but today it appears critical. We also wouldn’t know how to survive not knowing how many steps we have taken in one day.

Today we have Siri – you can ask Siri the three laws of robotics (which she will reply to clean your room, don’t run with scissors and wait 30 minutes before swimming). Those of you with iPhones I know are asking her at this moment. I realize that today we celebrate Siri, who should be named Siri Imma Nut.

The most important part of the telephone is that it also enables you to contact your favorite broker (ACS Insurance in case you forgot those three important letters). Open enrollment is coming up on November 1st and we want to be sure that you have the means to contact us regarding your individual/family options.

Whether you use Siri, a rotary phone, or Dixie cups – be sure to call us at 775-425-3233. We also speak Morse code, teletype and smoke signal.

This month’s winners are Lori Porter and Anthony & Kelsey Billet. They won our Made in Nevada basket from the awesome sponsors listed on this page – just by calling for a quote, referring someone to our agency or “liking” us on Facebook.

We are also giving away a Starbucks card for every referral to our agency! What is your drink of choice?
Until next month,
“Silly people, serious about insurance.”
(who is excited that next month is National Sarcasm month!)