My own personal Roadmap to Success is knowing how to respond appropriately to situations that life throws your way.  Kinda like when you have to teach an old dog new tricks.  I happen to have one of those dogs.  He’s 17.  Which may not seem old to us, but he tells me that there IS such a thing as dog years, which in their calculations would make him 352 years old.  I guess that canines use different math than we humans do.

A few weeks ago he let me know that he was too tired to make the full daily walk with his other two counter parts. (I do speak “dog” but his refusal to go another step was my hint).   Now, it’s not 10 mile hikes that we go on, it’s 4,000 steps (I also speak pedometer), but in pedigree-meter, it’s probably 16,000 steps since they have double the walking capacity and shorter legs.

Trying to be a good pet owner, I wanted to be sure that he was getting some type of exercise, so I had an idea to convert a baby stroller I found at a yard sale ($3!).  I removed the baby seat and revamped it so that he could stay in the bottom basket when he got tired.  Brilliant, I thought. Heck, Paris Hilton did it and looked good, why couldn’t I?  Oh yea…she’s a size 2, in her twenties and has billions to make her look good.  I however, need another digit for my size, am middle-aged, and own a Bedazzler.

I leashed up all three dogs and set out.  I felt like I was driving the Iditarod with my trusty team leading the way.  Only problem was that when they wanted to stop and smell (mark on) the roses, I was at their mercy.  We also ran into a few issues – like trying to get going again.  Inspired by the Iditarod, I thought of what got those huskies going.  Then I realized that:  1) They’re Lhasa-Apso-Things, and 2) when I said the word “mush” they thought it was dinner time.  Took some patience but was able to make it a success.


What does this crazy story have to do with insurance you ask (I know you’re asking)…because I wanted to give you your own personal Roadmap to Success!  Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean!

Roadmap to Success

When you’re done watching the video, give our office a call – I’ll also enter you in our monthly drawing just for watching and calling.

Until next month,

“Silly people, serious about insurance.”

Who acknowledges that her stroller-driving skills aren’t what they used to be…fortunately, her own children survived!